Sunday, May 16, 2010

More of the same from the Liberals, and proof the coalition lives!

More divisiveness from the Liberals, but this time it is directed towards Alberta and provincial politics.

From the Calgary Herald:Alberta Liberals need to ruthlessly exploit a "civil war" among conservatives if they want to make gains in the next election; or so says Warren Kinsella.

"When the right wing is splitting up, take advantage of it. Play them off against each other, get tough and creative," Kinsella said.

A "Civil War"? Not that this is a surprise coming from the party that wants to start a culture war to divide Canadians in a sad attempt to gain votes, but WK also said something even more interesting that is going to make Peter Donolo reach for the TUMS this morning.

The coalition lives!

Kinsella said the federal Liberals and NDP are inching toward some sort of co-operation, which may put pressure on provincial counterparts to do the same.

"If the other guys are splitting up, is it a good idea to consolidate to take advantage of that? I don't think it's such a bad idea at all," Kinsella said while speaking about a vote on a controversial resolution to co-operate with other "progressive" political parties in the next election.

Warren, thanks for the confirmation on what so many of us already knew was the truth.

Enjoy your Sunday, but if you are heading off to any type of religious services please be careful as the Liberals may use that against you as part of their culture war.


Roy Eappen said...

catsmeat is a a neverbeen. he is a great startegist in his own mind. donolo fired him, with cause, many months ago. Why anyone still listens to him is beyond me. A coalition with the ndp would be great. The blue grits would start running.

Ardvark said...

I am not sure if he was fired, quit, or if he ever really had a job with the Liberals, but it is indeed strange that he is giving advice to the Alberta Liberal Party. A party who recently were contemplating changing their name to disassociate themselves from the mess that is the Liberal Party of Canada.

byng said...

ah yes - such clever advice, from such an esteemed source. The Carvel-inspired butt kicker returning to his alma mater land, to enjoin the masses to reject any thought, except a culture war return to the "entitled" world -
Wonder what happened to policy exposure, and dignified discussion about political positions - oh how he wishes for a Joe Clark moment instead. Wild Rose' Ms. Smith is Pro-choice and pro gay marriage/union - so scary - does he mention this ?
Alberta advice - get back to TO and wallow 'mongst your friends

Anonymous said...

Culture war, civil war, who knew the Libs were such war mongers.

Divisive bastards all of them.

maryT said...

With out troops getting out of Afghan next year, the libs need another war to try and make points, aka culture, or civil.
And ever since the coup attempt we have known there is an agenda to campaign as a single party but with plans to form a coalition afterward. But, they must remember, all or most coalitions include the party that has won the most seats. Iggy will not get a minority, and a coalition means AB would say bye bye to Canada.

CanadianSense said...

Liberals in Alberta, really?

8 Libs+ 2 NDP 5 Edmonton, 4 Calgary 1 Lethbridge.

They could rename themselves UP (Urban Party) or Public Union Salaries(PUS)


bocanut said...

'Lil Weenie lead cackler for the geezer punk band "Shit For Brains" has put this up on his website:

"Get your Alberta Liberal coverage here!
Live! From Edmonton! It’s that guy from Calgary"

Proof that Torontonians think all Albertans are dumb hicks who will swallow hook line and stinker any gems of wisdom that Liberal Party hacks decide to dish out.

There's a Kinsella Bullarama in July.

The Jackal's Bullarama this weekend is all about a ego maniac trying desperately to remain politically relevant.

Anonymous said...

A coalition but not necessarily a coalition. Heard that all before.

LIEberals -- such hosers.

Anonymous said...

They will try ,but like the liberal missteps and fake outrage, it too will flop.I sense something...a time that hasnt been felt for three generations or so...i say we continue with a conservative slant since it works for the economy.Remember that lefties?It about the economy,stupid.


Jen said...

Liberals, their coalition parties including their media ride in the same boat-they hate their country, the success Canada is going through, they despise our military, their favour with radicalism and so forth... will be no doubt, the end to our DEMOCRACY as we know it, if ever they come in government.

Obama is killing democracy to impliment totalitarian, socialism, communisn.

Thank GOD that FOX is around.

Kinsella was kicked out from the liberal party so what does he do, he goes to alberta to prove to the fed liberals how he can convert the albertans to liberals so that he Kinsella will be welcome back into their fed lib fold.

Anonymous said...

Ahead of the curve Ard?

Ardvark said...


I don't use anyone's talking points. I write my own.