Monday, May 17, 2010

Elections Canada deregisters 10 delinquent riding associations

From the pundits guide:

Involuntarily deregistered electoral district associations, by party and date, since the 2008 general election

Party Riding Date
Lib Timmins – James Bay, ON 31-May-10
Lib Crowfoot, AB 31-May-10
Lib Vegreville – Wainwright, AB 31-May-10
Grn Charlottetown, PE 31-May-10
Grn Don Valley East, ON 31-May-10
Grn St. Catharines, ON 31-May-10
Grn Chatham-KentEssex, ON 31-May-10
Grn Windsor – Tecumseh, ON 31-May-10
Grn Esquimalt – Juan de Fuca, BC 31-May-10
Cons Alfred-Pellan, QC 31-May-10
Marj South Surrey – White Rock – Cloverdale, BC 31-Jan-09

They should have asked for an extension as the Liberal leadership candidates did when they couldn't pay off their debts. Several times!


Soccermom said...

Hahaha, look at all the Greenies on that list....were they expecting somebody else to pay the tab, as most hippies do???

Ardvark said...

From 2004 - 2010 44 Green Party EDA's have been shut down. 44!

maryT said...

Does this mean that those ridings will have no candidates in the next election, and is that the start of a coalition, by the libs/ndp. And the greens will not run in any of them.
Wasn't there talk recently of not running candidates, against each other, in order to get all the anti-PMSH votes for one candidate.

CanadianSense said...

Pundits Guide ROCKS!

I am curious how many Canadians truly understand how much the Bloc benefit from the Political Party Subsidy and removing it might reduce the willingess to fight an election on an annual basis.

Joe said...

Dang just when the Libs were making inroads in Crowfoot too. Why Sorenson was on the ropes he had dropped from 82.6% to 82% in one election.

Ardvark said...

"Sorenson was on the ropes he had dropped from 82.6% to 82% in one election."