Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ignatieff: We didn't start the culture war, they did.

Ignatieff gets up in front of a paying audience and attempts to re-write history.

Ignatieff said the Conservatives have accused the Liberals of “trying to start a culture war’, but suggests it’s the Conservatives that have really done that. The Liberal leader said “let’s be clear: we didn’t end the 25-year consensus on a women’s right to choose. They did.”

Really? I could have sworn that it was Ignatieff and the Liberals that first played the abortion card with their criticism of the maternal health initiative; a program to help save the lives of women and vulnerable children in the developing world with such things as safer drinking water, inoculations, and improved nutrition.

The Liberals brought the subject of abortion up and they were the ones that tried to, and continue to, play divisive political games with abortion including their motion which ended horribly for Ignatieff and the divided Liberals.

But it is the conservatives who started this entire thing. Ya, right. (Springer has some thoughts on this as does Sandy here.)

And I bet Iffy said it all with a straight face. The same way that he said he was in politics to unite and not divide.

BS! Do they teach revisionist history at Harvard?

My sympathies to the suckers that paid for the privilege of having someone lie to them.

More arrogance from Iffy: He is now claiming to be more Canadian than the 99% of us who didn't live elsewhere for 34 years!

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CanadianSense said...

Are you suggesting the socialists are not allowed to rewrite history?

If you ask them about those people trying to flee Cuba, China, Eastern Europe, the socialist will explain how wonderful those nanny states were.

Evil capitalism is to blame. The LPOC in tacking left now blame the banks like the NDP.

Stay tuned for Green tax on Oil sands to create an oil cleanup fund.

Calgary Junkie said...

Iggy, pack it in already. All this nitpicking, whining, and making stuff up just will not get you anywhere.

Even if that WERE a good strategy, it shouldn't be YOU, as party leader, that carries it out. Leave that garbage to a pro like Rae.

I hate to keep stating the obvious, but Iggy: you are auditioning for the role of Prime Minister. Not a guest analyst on Solomon's show.

Gabby in QC said...

"... we didn’t end the 25-year consensus on a women’s [sic] right to choose."

Are abortions on demand no longer available to women here in Canada?
I doubt it.
So why is Ignatieff creating that very misleading impression?

The pro-abortion crowd forgets that:
• abortions are illegal or very restricted in many developing countries
Bob Rae used the Congo as a prime example where Canada should help raped women get abortions, but he was totally unaware that both Congos do not allow abortion in the case of rape. Would he want Canada to go in guns a-blazin' to make sure abortion on demand is made available?

• the United Nations Population Fund itself promotes "family planning" i.e. contraception in order "to eliminate recourse to abortion"

• the US, which pro-abortion advocates point to as funders of abortion, also promote family planning

"By increasing the availability of and access to family planning services, USAID has played a major role in preventing abortion and improving the health and lives of women. ..."

Canada has chosen to focus on family planning and maternal & child health, providing care to women during pregnancy, at delivery, and post-natal care.
Why should that be construed as ending "the 25-year consensus on a women’s [sic] right to choose"?

Bec said...

Great post, Ardvark but the reality is, Mr Zzzzz,his political comrades and voters walk through life with a finger planted in each ear, chanting "la,la,la,la,la,la" when it comes to any form of acknowledgement or accountability for their actions.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals started this cultural war way back during the elections. They tried to scare women by saying Harper would take away their right to choose; Harper was anti-women; anti-gay; anti-culture; Harper hated Canada; etc., etc. The Libs have been playing this card for a long time.


maryT said...

I wonder what Mr Z would say about the possible 14 yr jail sentence that could be handed out today to a gay couple in Malawi.
Wonder what he would say if those anti abortion countries tried to push their laws on Canada, via the UN.

Gabby in QC said...

I agree with Barb at 07:32:00 AM ... but we conservatives have not aided our cause by using terms like "elitist" "cosmopolitan" "academic" in a derogatory sense to refer to Ignatieff, and Dion before him. By using such terms, we conservatives are in effect reinforcing the idea that there is indeed a cultural divide.

Are there no "academics" among conservative ranks? Are there no "cosmopolitan" conservatives? Are conservatives limited to rural areas? And does it necessarily follow that people who live in rural areas are not "cosmopolitan" or could not be "academics" as well?

The same goes for the word "ideology" which is usually used in a pejorative sense. ALL parties have an ideology, i.e. a set of ideas they want to promote.
1. The body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, group, class, or culture.
2. A set of doctrines or beliefs that form the basis of a political, economic, or other system.
So why shun the term "ideology"? -- unless a party wants to be considered as bereft of ideas.

IMO, we conservatives should attack the policies the opposition parties put forward rather than the person. Leave that kind of attack to their side.

My two cents' worth.

Ardvark said...

“As everybody knows, I’m just visiting,” Ignatieff said, joking.

“They say it makes me less of a Canadian,” he said, of his former ex-pat status. “But I’m here to tell you it makes me more of a Canadian.”


CanadianSense said...

Malawi is busy demanding we send Billions to pay for destruction of Africa.

The intolerant-Left have no problem is turning a blind eye to slavery, crime, torture, war if they can get a new tax policy for their social engineering projects.

It is alway about the money and power.

Ardvark said...

Now he claims to be more Canadian than the 99% of us who haven't lived elsewhere for 34 uears!

Jen said...

Women, what women- the opposition parties hate women since when socialists comunnists give rat ass about women.

When the PM brought in a bill MARITAL RIGHTS for Native women on reserve the equal right to property etc, the LIBERALS, NDP AND THE BLOC ALL VOTED AGAINST THE BILL.
These are the same parties that bitch all day for women's rights- yet they refuse point blank to rise and vote for the Marital rights to native women. What a joke.

Oh yeah forgot this one. During the celebration day for the aboriginals in the HOC an aboriginal women stood in front of the PM and his party to thank him and said that if it wasn't for him and his party they women would not be recognized.

Who in the hell are we to go into countries to promote abortion; africa has governments of their own and they decide what should and shouldn't be welcomed into their country.

CanadianSense said...

He would have a point if he was serving the interests of Canada (Diplomat, Military, Aid etc.)

Making movies, playing reporter for the BBC or a left wing think tank in the U.S. does not.

Sorry Iggy your choice to make a emmigrate was for personal gain and a better life. Nothing wrong with being selfish and chasing the dreams of wealth and fame.

maryT said...

Check out NNW re this african country is about to sentence a gay couple to possibly 14 yrs in jail, for lewd and indecent acts. Maybe they should try to inflict their morals onto Canada. Listen to the screams.
New Harris poll out and Mr Z is not doing very well.