Sunday, May 23, 2010

The coalition returns: It’s not hyperbole to state that on the outcome of the next election rests the future of Canada as we know it.

"It’s not hyperbole to state that on the outcome of the next election rests the future of Canada as we know it."

Um, yes it is, but don't let that stop you Glen Wheeler. Tell us more.

"In sum, we have social conservatives in government slowly remaking the country according to their own political vision."

"Despite the odds in favour of the most right-wing and reactionary government in living memory retaining its hold on power in a federal election likely in less than a year..."

"As a Liberal and executive member of a Toronto riding association, I have some fear myself of being labelled disloyal. My day job as in-house lawyer for a labour union may provide more fodder for accusations that I am an NDP interloper and not a true Grit." (Glad you said it and not me)

"Unlike career hacks, we peons have little to lose, other than the country as we know it."

Hyperbole much Glen?

My favorite line: "That way, coalition will appear to be an answer to public pressure rather than the last resort of losers."

Nice use of the words "will appear" as in it will look like, but in reality will still be, the last resort of losers.

Finally some truth.


Bec said...

Always from Toronto or Vancouver or Montreal these brainstorms hatch from as though THEIR boxed in pathetic progressive world is an example for others to embrace. No thank you! THERE IS MORE to this country, surprise, surprise..

Why are they satisfied with progressive dysfunction, financial and otherwise? I realize that their love affair with unions and the public sector is ingrained but why do they not see the waste and sense of entitlement, thus financially devastated economies they create.

The 'have provinces' are conservative, the 'have not',progressive or socialist. Just look at Greece and the EU.
That should be enough to convince a normal thoughtful mind.
A not normal thoughtful mind, impossible and hopeless. The trough sustains them and they are addicted.

These people will form a Coalition and I will help form a new country should they succeed.

paulsstuff said...

Actually, this is my favorite line:

"The Liberal party has a proud history and credits itself for creating the tolerant and progressive society that Canadians enjoy."

Apparently when you look at the lines you quoted AA, that tolerant and progressive society only applies to those with leftist points of view that agrees with his own.

Kind of amazing when you think of it. Claim to be tolerant and at the same time accuse those with differing views to be unacceptable for government office.

Big Red Magnum said...

Yup, better be careful or Canada could again be the great nation it was before Trudeau.
Imagine having a high living standard and safe streets! the horror the horror! LOL

Ardvark said...

"Claim to be tolerant"

The left makes many claims, but deliver on few if any of them.

byng said...

well said bec - will line up behind you to free us from the marxist yoke should they prevail

Anonymous said...

What a charming little essay from a Toronto bubble liberal. Excuse me: newsflash! There is no more money for lavish social programs. Since the sixties, The Liberal Party has not been a political party. It has been a syndicate, attracting people with no core beliefs who want comfortable Rosedale sinecures. It has not been progressive. It has been mired in stale urban elitism.
Its time has passed. It is over. The apolitical climbers will have to get a real job. The few committed leftists can join the NDP.

Anonymous said...

When Liberal officials talk openly about the Coalition you know that the party is finished. Now they have to negotiate terms. Should be fascinating. Cheers. FernStAlbert

Powell lucas said...

The only way a coalition will gain power is with the inclusion of the Bloc, and that will doom it from the start. So long as the Tories hold on to their 30-35% base and the bloc holds the reins in Quebec the Conservatives will hold power albeit in a minority. Mr. Harper is beginning to act like he has a majority because he knows, as do the other parties, that this is the electoral landscape and an election brought on by the opposition will only be a costly exercise in fuyility.

maryT said...

This guy should pay attention to the small cracks appearing in the coalition in Britain. Some long term members of the winning party are upset some upstart from the losers are getting high positions.
Imagine the outrage of Goodale if a coalition left him out of cabinet to make way for Libby or Giles.
With the media and others bringing this coalition front and center can only help the PM get his majority.

Calgary Junkie said...

A very, very, VERY small part of me feels sorry for the hapless "progressive" voters out there. They are being badly let down by their small-minded, self-absorbed, lazy, backward-looking, incompetent, elitist, disingenuous (did I miss any adjectives?) "leaders", Jack and Iggy.

Let me put it this way ... the left is being badly outplayed at the political game. Hmmmmm, how should they proceed ? Gee, maybe there was something from the past to guide them ? Hey, how about what Harper and MacKay did when they united the right in 2003 ?!?.

Nah, there's no way us enlightened progressives are going to take lessons from those evil conservatives.

The Libs and/or Dippers deserve to die slow painful deaths, in the unforgiving political jungle. Our democracy will survive, as some kind of political entity will emerge from their ashes.

Roy Eappen said...

What utter nonsense from whelan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these articles, Ardvark. I have been looking for subjects to research, and Glenn Wheeler's claim of "respect for religious belief", "honed over the decades" by the Liberals, NDP, and Red (only?) Tories sounds like a good place to start.

BTW, I sure hope I used those quotation marks properly =).


wilson said...

The Coalition gets in and we will divide into Western Canada and Greece West......

Unions, socialists and high taxes = coalition of losers.

What would Danny do about Enviro Minister Lizzy May shutting down offshore drilling?

wilson said...

These coalition of loser articles are getting more and more regular.

Is the Liberal Party of Canada dead? Long live the LibDems?

Chretien is leading the charge,
which is jaw dropping,
considering he won 3 majorities and now is of the mind Liberals can't even win a minority
but are entitled to sit in government by 'hook or by crook'.

Even if a coalition of losers never comes to be,
the Liberals have given the NDP validation as a party worthy to govern the country.
Chretien, Dion and Iffy have cooked the Liberal goose.

wilson said...

Just one more thing,
imo the biggest reason the coalition Liberals are against a pact with the BLOC
is because the Dippers and BLOC would have a majority of votes in the coalition,
and voting OUT Iffy as leader and installing Jack is pretty much a given.

Bec said...

"....the Dippers and BLOC would have a majority of votes in the coalition,"

Very IMPORTANT observation, wilson and one that needs our constant attention and due diligence.

In addition, I can't imagine the BLOC signing onto a strategic voting arrangement (the party of US vs THEM in optics only but not when it comes to sucking on the CANADIAN teat) but the Liberal Democrats are a different story, imo.

The only thing that will barricade that mentality is EGO and sense of entitlement.

They get a Bob Rae type leader at the helm and it's going to be a full out leftie assault.
The centre right Liberals of yesterday will be a memory.

Ardvark said...

The dirty little secret: 'Liberals are against a pact with the BLOC is because the Dippers and BLOC would have a majority of votes in the coalition,...'

and we all know that the Libs hate being without the power.

Alin, the " marks look good! ;)

Could we see a united left? Possibly, but the Liberals would not only have to totally abandon the center, that they claim to represent, to do so, but would also have to give up their arrogance in assuming that they would call the shots. As stated earlier they do not like letting go of power.

It is not as simple as just adding up the previous Liberal and NDP votes as the Liberals would hemorrhage support badly if they tried it.

Bring it on I say! Bring it on.

kursk said...

The left would have to announce their intentions in doing this before an election. I believe if this happens, the left would suffer a defeat of such historic magnitude, that it would set their cause back 50 years.

If they do not announce their intentions before an election, they deserve all the scorn we can muster for being so disingenuous.

Either way, their parties are toxic for generations.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he would like to move to Europe - socialism works so well there.

wilson said...

Chantel Hebert said Chretien and Broadbent are in 'talks'.
Maybe that explains why Liberals have not talked policy,
Chretien and Broadbent are still hammering out the final version...?

Jeff said...

This coalition watch is fun. The coalition dance partners are getting more and more desperate so that they can't hide their true intentions.

Hey coalition partners, why can't you be more transparent? Are you afraid of something?

Jen said...

Bec-"The 'have provinces' are conservative, the 'have not',progressive or socialist. Just look at Greece and the EU.
That should be enough to convince a normal thoughtful mind."

Bec, GREECE2 QUEBEC is right there- socialism in full force and the funniest thing is: people and businesses are leaving that province.
Now if canada falls into Greece with socialists running the show, Whelan would have not much to talk about because most companies will pull out. Danny W. will bring down the canadian flag since he has no intentions of paying a bunch of losers money to be told how to run his affaires and neither would Alta, Sask and Manitoba.

Duceppe, a former unionist and who is a marxist signed into the coalition agreement which he intends to get his fair share and most probably to 'bail out' Quebec without your knowledge so that he can be hailed by Quebecers as their saviour.

Socialists Marxists etc seek fame and fortune for themselves using the 'trick' card- 'people'- they use these souls to fill their innocent minds with milk and money- brainwash them completely.