Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ignatieff: I am more Canadian than you are.

Michael Ignatieff:

As everybody knows, I’m just visiting,” Ignatieff said, joking.

“They say it makes me less of a Canadian,” he said, of his former ex-pat status. “But I’m here to tell you it makes me more of a Canadian.”

First he claimed that he was not the one starting a culture war, now he is claiming to be more Canadian than those of us who have not lived abroad for 34 years and missed 34 years of our collective history.

Seriously, has this guy lost it? The polls seem to reflect that he has.

The arrogance of Ignatieff is off of the scale.


JDot said...

This guy is lucky he has the media in his pocket. B/c he is a disaster


Ardvark said...

To be fair Iffy is a Canadian, a very arrogant one who thinks that he is entitled to lead us after being absent 34 years as if those 34 years mean nothing, but still a Canadian.

Claiming to be MORE Canadian though just shows how out of touch he really is.

Anonymous said...

Love the fact that his speeches still contain the "just visiting" tag that he's been branded with. Just to remind audiences that he's been gone for long periods of time.
What a dolt.

Jen said...


Stop knocking oil sands, Quebec told
Wealth for Canada

Nicolas Van Praet, Financial Post
Published: Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MONTREAL - The former head of Quebec's largest employer group says the province has to bury its criticism of Alberta's oil sands because much of it is based on myths and ignores the fact that the resource generates wealth for all of Canada.

Read more:


Archie said...

And how is he "More Canadian", I'll like to hear him explain this.

Ardvark said...

So would I Archie but the appointed leader of the Liberal Party of Canada has no time to explain his words to us little people.

Bec said...

The arrogant professor likely meant that HIS heritage goes back generations...(well so does many of ours) or could it be that multiculturalism has brought new Canadians to this soil for a century + and his roots were 1/2 planted Canadian for that same period of time?

Whatever he meant, he will have managed to insult millions that remained, worked, paid taxes, bore children, educated those children and contributed to THE FABRIC of THEIR Canada.

What Mr Zzzzz fails to admit and never will is had he not been offered the golden ticket to stardom and 24 Sussex, this country would NOT have entered his brain matter and would still be off his radar.....unless he trampled on the soil because he was "Just Visiting"

Anonymous said...

Not sure if he is more Canadian than me but he does have a bigger head than I have.

Anonymous said...

Bec, I too have attempted to deconstruct his quote to get at what he was trying to convey. The most generous thought I have had is that his time in other countries helped him understand his Canadian identity; he feels "more Canadian" after having lived with others who are not from this country.

However, this interpretation does not work when the offending sentence is put in the context of his speech. He states that Harper says I'm less of a Canadian, but really I am more.

Thus, as a full-time tradesperson who's budget does not allow for international travel, I will simply just be offended once again by the Liberals.


Ardvark said...

As with my earlier post today, Ignaiteff is playing fast and loose with the truth.

“They say it makes me less of a Canadian,”

Who says that?

Certainly not myself or the CPC in their earlier ads, so who is this "they" that you speak of Iffy?