Wednesday, May 05, 2010

CTV reporting that Helena Guergis dropped as the CPC candidate in Simcoe-Grey

From CTV News:

The Conservative Party's National Council has bounced Helena Guergis as the nominated candidate for Simcoe-Grey, CTV News has learned.

She was informed of the decision Wednesday afternoon, as was her riding association, CTV Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported.

Sources told CTV News that Guergis was removed as a candidate because Conservatives are concerned an election could be called at any moment, and they need to have nominated candidates in all 308 ridings.

Also from CTV the latest poll from Nanos: CPC up 2.5 to 37.2% LPC down 1.4 to 33.2% NDP down 1.6 to 16.2% BQ up 1.9 to 9.6% and Greens down 1.4 to 3.8%

Greens up in Calgary! Comment number 1 is brilliant. How can we make that happen?


Anonymous said...

I am saddened and disgusted by this decision. Very dumb decision.

Anonymous said...

This decision is long overdue.She should have been removed months ago. She is an ongoing embarrassment.

Ardvark said...

Dueling Anons!

Fitter said...

I too am saddened. She made a very pretty picture but unfortunately was lacking any substance. The right decision was made.

Anonymous said...

Good decision. She was in over her head and it went to her head. Her lemon of a husband is another huge factor in her demise.

Given the new scandal with MP Shory looks like the conservatives have got to be a lot more rigorous in screening their candidates i.e. the character component.

Agent Smith

The_Iceman said...

Is this an indicator that there is going to be an election shortly?

Jeff said...

She does have to be replaced. The standards are higher for Conservatives. Lefties don't realize that their double standard helps us in the long run.

maryT said...

Were all of you that are upset by this just as upset when the liberals forced a black, female to quit so Mr Z could have a safe seat.

Ardvark said...

Politics is and always will be ugly.

maryT said...

The classy thing for Helena would have been to withdraw her nomination, then tried to get renominated by her riding association.

Alberta Girl said...

Anony - re MP do know that the bank qualified that they have no evidence of fraud on his part, don't you.

There are alot of innocent people being caught up in this.

But then, that won't stop the media and the anony's from creating a scandal based on assumptions, now will it.

Anonymous said...

When it comes right down to it, Helena screwed up. I respect that Ms. Guergis has a loyal EDA, but when it comes right down to it, National Council is responsible for looking at the party and its best interest.

Personally, I love my MP, and I'd campaign for them regardless of if they were CPC or an Independent.

Maybe Helena can run as an Independent Candidate? Maybe she could pull a Bill Casey?

- David aka Kitchener Conservative

Anonymous said...

Now if only Jack Layton and the NDP had the same standards when Svend Robinson was caught on a Security video stealing a $60'000.00 item.
The NDP embraced Svend back into the fold and allowed this Convicted Thief to run in B.C. for the M.P. seat in Ottawa.
Svend was the same yahoo that mocked a US President right in the House from his usual Hissy Fits to be in the limelight.
Sadly,the Liberals also fell for Svend's tears and saw him as a Victim of Mental Health.This was so insulting to the REAL Mental Health victims that don't steal $60K item or get to exploit the Media with Crocodile tears wanting special treatment.

Rahim Jaffer may well be guilty and a bozo,but the same Court system for Svend was used to rule on Jaffer's driving case.
The leftists and Liberals appear to have lowered the bar for their heroes like Clinton,Svend,Martin/Chretien,Roman Polanski,Fidel,Stalin,Mao,Chavez and others that they hate to talk about when it's so easy to just focus on the USA and Israel.

maryT said...

I think that by the time this BMO scandal is finished (about 2050) a lot of innocents will be named, and some of those might be liberals and maybe ndp.

bverwey said...

You just knew "Barney" Fife would be the one announcing this. He reminds of of Chris Matthews....always near to having tingles go up and down his legs. One has to wonder if there straws drawn or corridor cat fights between "Barney" and "Giggles" as to who would be to break this news.