Sunday, May 02, 2010

Michael Ignatieff: Arrogance Personified.

Micheal Ignatieff is DEMANDING that the Governor Generals term be extended for 5 years.

Hey Mike, (can I call you Mike?) have you ever thought that the GG doesn't want to do another 5 years? Have you asked her?

A guy who can't even get his own party to do what he wants now demands that the PM extend the GG's term.

h/t National Newswatch.

Update: the Liberal spin on this was that Ignatieff was asked for his opinion. Well Whoop-dido; but that does not excuse his arrogance.

Ignatieff was asked for his opinion ( as Stephen Harper was when he was leader of the opposition) and instead of just telling the PM quietly as has been done in the past, Ignatieff decided that his opinion was too important not to share with the common people and decided to play politics with it by running to the press.

That good readers, is arrogance personified!

It is a good thing that Ignatieff doesn't get to see any secrets; he can't keep his yap shut.

Wait a minute!!!!!

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The_Iceman said...

It's obvious why he's doing this, whether or not he knows if she wants another term. He is trying to kiss her ass in the event that there is a confidence motion before a replacement is named.

If there is a confidence vote while she's still in office, Mike gets to go ask her to form Government. If she's jaded that her term has not been extended, she just might grant the request.

I suppose all that time living abroad, Mike doesn't know that 99% of Governor Generals serve only one term.

CanadianSense said...

What else do you expect the Liberal Party of Canada do work on in Ottawa?

You are being too unfair!

Ex-CBC employees have a special place for Liberals.

The "source" of all that is good.

Joe said...

Well as everyone knows Iffy is not well versed in Canadian history and tradition. The term for the GG is 5 years at which time a new GG is appointed. Chretien broke with that tradition with Clarkson for reasons only Chretien would know and PM Harper is simply returning to tradition. Jean has done a good job as is to be expected of our GG but that is reason enough to find a new GG that will do equally well in that role.

Calgary Junkie said...

To me, this is all just more cringe-inducing noise from Iggy. He's like the kid in class, who is the best at dragging his fingernails across the blackboard. I don't even bother trying to make sense out of Iggy's random utterances anymore.

If there IS a strategy here, I tend to agree with Kory, when he said the other day, in reference to the abortion issue, that the Libs are following a "save the furniture" strategy. They are nowhere near making any kind of effort at winning a significant number of additional seats, next election.

Martin said...

I thought the Queen of Canada appointed the GG, under the advisement of the current PM. Can't imagine Trudeau, Chretien or Martin consulting the opposition on the appointment. The office of GG is meant to be above politics, Iggy with his ham fisted action has dragged it right down to QP level.

Anonymous said...

Again The Waffle tries to make a story out of nothing at all.

It's because he and the Liberals HAVE nothing else to offer.

Slow news day?

maryT said...

He could have tarnished the reputation of the GG with this bravado-I could be PM someday.
How, by another coup attempt and if the GG agreed with it we would all assume you have made a deal with her. He has put the GG between a rock and a hard place.
A lot of us figured something would come up to cause problems during this week as the PM is out of the country.
When does the coalition agreement expire, is Iggy planning a vote of no confidence when documents are not released. And he says he had input from the GG before making this demand.

Alan Kan said...

Most Liberals like to think long term, and there's nothing wrong with that. My sense, however, is that Iggy is looking for some way to send Bob Rae away for a long time, and IF Iggy becomes PM he can then appoint his old friend as GG, ensuring that he be away from him as a political threat for a very long time.

jad said...

Joe, it was actuallly Martin that extended Clarkson's term.

But anyway, if the PM asks for your advice, most people would want to keep things confidential. I guess when Iggy becomes PM, we can expect blow-by-blow commentaries on his conversations with Obama et al.

A real class act.

Anonymous said...

How can the CBC not be liberal biased when potentially any of the many reporters can become GG some day? Makes you wonder. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Iggy doesn't get it, Canadian's aren't stupid and we know that the CBC provided the last 2 G.G.'s .
But what's overtly ironic is that both are non-White females married to White men,so Racism and bigotry and the CBC bias helps expose the "Just Society" farce because Minority females in poition of power and money will very often look for a Man ouside of their race/Culture group.
I understand it,because if you make it in canada you won't want to marry a pathetic whiner male from your Minority sector where they wasted time playing the "Victimhood" card to excuse away their short comings.

Look closely at the CBC and many Wealthy Black males in the USA,each is sellective of what TYPE of Black person they employ or marry. Check it out,they want the dark-skin look on a non-negroid featured person to keep everyone happy or in the case of marriage, the men don't want the Hip-hop "B"'s and Ho's shaking the booty in public.
The Black-face era had some good-intention White folks that wanted to get Whites at ease around Africans so they Pretended to be Black but have the Caucasius features, Live stage had to exaggerate the make-up and clothes for the animated people without Mics and some low powered stage Footlights from the 30cycle system for Lights that flickered or were semi golden/ember colours.

Basically,Iggy's 30 year absence
shows up in almost every oration or tirade about what's wrong with canada under the Harper reign.
Even Paul Martin denied we had our Canadian Forces in the Iraq war,so don't be surprised when Iggy spews his bizaare perception for what Canadians think.

Anne in sw ON said...

I think Alan @ 02:17 may be on to something when he cites long-term strategy being behind MI's declaration. Is he hoping for a one year extension for the present GG so that when he can provoke an election in the near future the new GG will be someone of his choosing? Is he hoping for a GG who would be beholden to him and the Libs in the event of a Lib minority victory or a Lib-controlled coalition? It sure smells like more cultural war wedge politics any way you look at it.