Friday, May 14, 2010

The deal is done. No election.

Not that it is much of a surprise, because nobody really wanted an election over this, but Parliament has reached a deal on the Afghan detainee documents.

Too bad really. I would have loved to watch the Liberals not show up to vote on a confidence vote dealing with their own motion.

I guess that the lure of the gold-plated pension was just too much for certain MP's to risk losing.

More detail: ht Russ Campbell.

“Under the terms of the agreement agreed to by all parties, a committee of MPs will review all documents in un-redacted form to determine their relevance to the study of the transfer of Afghan detainees by the House Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan. The panel’s decision on the relevance of those documents will be final and unreviewable.

“Any documents that are found to be relevant will be referred to a Panel of Expert Arbiters, who will determine how the information in those documents will be made available to all MPs, and to the public, without compromising national security.”


NorthWestTory said...

It's important to remember that it is insurgents that are being treated badly. These are the same insurgents that are, and have killed Canadian troops, through their roadside bombs. The other thing is that it's Afghan Citizens, Police, Soldiers that are doing this, not Canadian troops. They are merely putting them in custody. That being said, I don't wish torture on anybody.

wilson said...

Chalk another one up to PMSH skillfully managing a minority Parliament,
everyone wins.

maryT said...

It will be a long time before anything is decided as over 20-40 thousands pieces of paper must be gone over. But, everyone seeing them are sworn to secrecy.
Now they have to appoint an MP and alternate from each party, and this group must be approved by the HofC.
Delay, delay, delay, way to go PMSH.

CanadianSense said...

I wonder how many of us BT's want to Harper to pull the plug and provide the spanking to the socialists.

Ardvark said...

Not during the summer CS. Perhaps Iffy will grow a spine while at his summer home in France and we will see one in the fall, but I doubt it.

maryT said...

I think this decision has awakened the average Canadian to how stupid this liberal/ndp opposition is in trying to get votes by supporting the terrorists. Calls to Dave R are saying, who cares if some terrorist is hurt by their own people.
Also some references to the soldier killed by those terrorists the opposition love. Wont get the coalition many votes in the west.

maryT said...

Will this committee work thru their summer holidays. No sittings next week, and mps will be in their constituency (or France) and might be surprised at the reaction they get to this agreement. Summer break is coming soon. This could be unresolved when the next election comes.

CanadianSense said...

He better book a boat, Iceland is not cooperating.

Anonymous said...

Iggy and Jack just wanted to see the secrets so they could call Moscow and Shanghai and report the details. (real conservative)

bocanut said...

Are they going through the documents starting from 2001,the year when Canada became involved in Afghanistan?

maryT said...

OT, but with all the hot air Papbo has blown in QP, you would think he had enough left to blow for a breathalyzer. Gee, that accident was in April and he has been charged with refusing to co-operate with police. Why did the cbc/media hide this. Will Mr Z remove him from caucus along with Lee, and perhaps fire Apps.

Jeff said...

Come on you Liberal cowards -- pull the plug, let's have an election!

I beg you to make support for our brave troops the focus of an campaign.

But let me sympathize for just a minute. You can't win either way. If you provoke an election, the Conservatives will clobber you. If you keep threatening then waffling, our great PM displays his superior tactical skills yet again. You've given him 1550 days to accumulate accomplishments that would be impressive if he possesed a majority.

That minute of sympathy is now over.