Thursday, May 13, 2010

CDN High school students don't know our national anthem

This is messed up:

When it comes to Canada's national anthem, only 67 per cent of Canadian high school students know the words — and even fewer can hum along, suggests a survey done by the University of Victoria.


Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

What do you expect with all this multicultural nonsense.
Here in Windsor, ON.multicultural designated months are the norm.
1.Black History
3.South Asia
4.Muslim - October is official Muslim month....what ever happened with NO religion in school.

CanadianSense said...

At least the socialist union leaders can brag about the inroads of their their early sex education fairy tales of the Robin Hood tax, social justice utopia on earth.

Abba does a nice cover, its called money, money.

Anonymous said...

how many times have we changed it?

Clown Party said...

I agree, they have changed it several times. Now the women libers want to get rid of "sons command." Sam, good observation, though I never see a White History month ... too racists I guess.

Soon they should say: "Let's just play the music and forget the words." At least we still stand ... that is a good sign. This way we will not offend any groups.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

I'm looking for some help in creating a traitors list, politicians and other people who openly support terrorists and policies that are multicultural/external policies such as I Ruby Dhalla's bill.
Going to make a stink!

bocanut said...

What would the results be if they surveyed the whole student body not just the choir members?

Ardvark said...

Bocanut,you are correct, this survey was conducted amongst students who participate in choir; the numbers are probably much worse for the other students.


Rick Thomson said...

I would be amongst the group that don't know the words to "O Canada", for the simple reason that I refuse to learn the new lyrics.

The Maple Leaf Forever (in it's original form) would have been a better choice anyhow imo.

Anonymous said...

Well it is a strange country with publicly funded segregated schools based on language and religion. So one mustnt offend our Francophone community with talk about our British Heritage, language, national anthem.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Quebec. I just know that in the next war we can depend on them. (real conservative)

Patrick Ross said...

When I was in elementary school, they made us learn the entire anthem in both English and French.

I'm guessing times have significantly changed.

Ardvark said...

We sang it all the time when I was in school and my school aged kids all say that they still do.

Is that the case across Canada?