Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Don Martin talks with Jean Chretien

Don Martin had a little meet up with former PM Jean Chretien. Chretien didn't say much about Ignatieff and the Liberal troubles, which DM says 'speaks volumes' in itself, but he gives a nice round up of the latest Ignatieff gaffes and stumbles.

You can read here.

Some excerpts:

The amateur-hour mistakes piling up under Michael Ignatieff's reign have to stop soon or the party could, predicts a senior party strategist who has served three Liberal leaders, hit the rocks at just 50 seats, which would guarantee a Conservative majority.

If that happens and Prime Minister Stephen Harper axes public financing for political parties, as he almost certainly will, the party Jean Chretien built into a majority monolith will crumble into long-term dust.

The list of brain dead activity in just the weeks since the party's Deep Thinkers conference has become the Red Book to self-annihilation.

Mr. Ignatieff's weekend push to extend Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean's term was so bizarre, the Liberal strategist refused to defend it on CBC's Power and Politics show this week.

It couldn't get worse. But on Wednesday, it did. Incredibly, Mr. Ignatieff ran away from a move proposed by the Conservatives to expand lobbyist contact registration to include all MPs, not just cabinet ministers. The mind reels at such irrational behavior.


cantuc said...

Heh , Peter Principal don't seem to care for the " visiting professor " very much , eh wat ? If there isn't a tried and true way to screw up , poor old Ignegative will invent a new one .

Ardvark said...

It is September all over again for Iffy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we want that book. Put a conservative Pit bull on him for this one. I want it revealed in the 'Star.' (real consservative)