Thursday, May 13, 2010

CBC to investigate if its news is biased.

What they should be investigating is reporter bias, which in turn leads to biased stories, but at least this is a start. (or an attempt to whitewash?)

The CBC has commissioned a study to determine whether its news is biased, the president of the public broadcaster told the Senate finance committee this week.

“Our job — and we take it seriously — is to ensure that the information that we put out is fair and unbiased in everything that we do,” CBC President Hubert Lacroix said.

I am not sure who the third party is that will be doing the study but if they want examples, the blogs are full of them.

Updated: As I noted above, the blogs are full of examples of, lets call it shaky, CBC coverage.

CS put this up tonight listing a few recent examples and his comments are a great place to list the examples you know of, but if you really want a more complete look at all things CBC visit Joel at PTBC.

Feel free to let the CBC know your thoughts here.

Even when they are writing about bias they still take a shot at conservatives: "Lacroix’s comments come on the heels of weeks of criticism from Conservative loyalists who disagreed with the CBC’s decision not to acknowledge that one of its house pollsters and frequent guest on the air also donated substantial sums to the Liberal Party."

"Conservative loyalists"? Labeling people just because they disagree with you is not the way to show that you have no bias CBC, but then again EVERYONE who had issue with this had to be a conservative, right?

And on the Graves thing, it is not about donations specifically but rather that his loyalty or his advice to the Liberals based on polls paid for by tax dollars was NEVER disclosed. Say it with me; full disclosure.


CanadianSense said...

lol did the same story, but asked twenty questions.

It will be a whitewash, like those investigating the climategate emails.

I just watched a rather offensive and biased clip about a religious right wing conspiracy on the CBC.

Friggan incredible! It was bizzare how the CBC story forgot to include other social conservative or religious MPs from other parties. WTF!

Anonymous said...

It will be crap.They will not find bias period.Remember this?
"In his assessment of the complaints, Carlin also noted that displays a “very narrow range” on its web pages. Cruickshank added that the broadcaster is addressing that by expanding the diversity of its writers and opinions."

I suppose adding Kady O'mally addressed that then....oh wait. them all.

Anonymous said...

One wonders who'll be on this crack investigative team?

I nominate Heather Malik, Frank Graves, Marci McDonald, Mary Walsh & Ed Grimley.

Agent Smith

hunter said...

The CBC isn't biased, just the people who work there!

wilson said...

Elections Canada should be investigated for bias.

Bec said...

The problem indeed is the political anchors which must lead back to the researchers as well.

However when you incorporate a free dialogue format as the CBC has (but they all do it)you are going to get that BIAS that we question daily.
It doesn't have to be the words all the time either, it can be an inflection in the voice or a condescending glance, an interrution of a particular guest more than the others....Mansbridge is a master at this and if that aspect isn't taken into account, this will be more wasteful spending of taxpayers dollars but what else is new.

Big Red Magnum said...

KKK investigates whether the KKK misrepresents African Americans.

The_Iceman said...

If they are looking to measure bias, they should start their study on Kady O'Malley's blog. Hopefully EKOS isn't doing the study.

The_Iceman said...

They did hire Kory Teneycke, though I suspect that they may regret the decision. My guess is Kory will have a tough times making friends at the office Christmas Party.

Patrick Ross said...

I expect that the CBC will simply clear itself and consider the matter concluded.

Ontario Girl said...

For the CBC investigative team,I nominate..
Susan Smith
Kathlyn Petty
Beer and popcorn, KILL HIM DEAD Reid.

Don Newman
Rosemary Bartin
That should have it "COVERED".

CanadianSense said...

Thanks for the link. I need to update the page and send them back to you as well.

The problem is the Heritage Committee is the logical place to bring in the CBC and start probing for bias.

A few questions, little light shone at the wonderful CBC may clear up the confusion we CPC have about the fairness. The CBC should have nothing to fear if parliament invites them for a little chat.

Jen said...

Anon: ....."I suppose adding Kady O'mally addressed that then....oh wait. them all."

Anon, Not O'mally do they have, but Scott Reid who said "Kill him, kill him dead"

CBC unpeturbed by such comments made by Scott must have the same thought not to fire him.

maryT said...

cbc just announced deal reached re documents.
How do the cbc know what was reached, who is leaking info to the cbc.
How long before it is all out in the open.