Monday, May 03, 2010

Rare Kudos for Jack Layton

I don't do it often here on the blog, but Jack Layton deserves some recognition for displaying some class on the Governor General issue.

Layton, as opposed to Ignatieff, was able to keep his mouth shut, not hold a press conference, and did not feel compelled to abuse the trust placed in him by the PM who reached out and asked Layton for his thoughts on the selection of a new GG.

Way to go Jack, you are hands down a better, and smarter, politician than Ignatieff is or ever will be. You deserve to be in the OLO office more so than the current occupant.


Bec said...

For all intents and purposes, he is the Leader of the Opposition.

Like him or not (which I did before his coup attempt) he orchestrated the coalition and the drooling puppies just followed behind his alpha male persona.

Many examples have occurred since and when it comes to decorum and diplomacy, he beats buffoon Mr.Zzzz and his inept crew of 1st mates, hands down.

Indeed he has his own crew of tactless mouthpieces but he himself steps up at times such as this and does deserve some credit. Not much but some, as Mr. Zzzz is not all that hard to show up in the political aptitude department.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Jack Layton is certainly polling better than Michael Ignatieff when it comes to leadership.

You would think that would be somewhat disconcerting for the Liberals.

Time and time again Jack shows that he has way more class than Mr. Zzzz

Michael Harkov said...

Jack Layton simply followed an old political axiom: when you opponent is imploding, you shut-up and get out of the way.

Ardvark said...

Jack should team up with Gilles to form a little coalition to be the official opposition and boot Iggy out of his very well funded office.

CanadianSense said...

Dion did better, not fair to compare Ignatieff to a seasoned politician.

He has allowed his party to muzzle him and make soundbites that make his him look petty.

Either we have a Jedi mind control thingy or he is a double agent for us.

Either way we win, socialists lose.

Hoarfrost said...

Jack Layton is a scumbag regardless. If you lived in or near Toronto while he was on Toronto council then you know. He is merely a shit disturber but also a master politician until you figure him out. Even with his socialist claptrap Torontonians where glad to get rid of him on city council. Unfortunately we get his leftist steers on council still in Riverdale and The Beaches.

I am surprised that anyone from the west would give him any credit for anything.

Ardvark said...

CS, shhhhh. It is supposed to be kept quiet that Ignatieff may be The Mole.

Credit where credit due Hoarfrost, he showed way more class than our blue blood friend Ignatieff did.

Don't worry,I haven't joined Team

CanadianSense said...

My bad, it was his numerous speeches praising the Bush/Jefferson Empire lite doctrine of spreading democracy. In Ireland praising G.W. and chastising Canada's bogus peacekeeping reputation of 40 years.

(Helena Guergis on tv)

used distraction, will adopt coded language..

safe again. phew!

So yeah the "chosen one" is a double double (new code word).

Anonymous said...

I hope all the Lefties who; really wanted the current GG to remain, are happy now that IZZY has politicised the GG and now the Queen can't ask Jean to stay on. This was a preempted strike by IZZY and he has screwed up big time. We may never know how much he has changed Canada's future, but we can speculate.

Anonymous said...

What can Canadians expect next from Michael Ignatieff, whose absence from Canada for 34 years has placed him out of touch with Canadian parliamentary traditions, on which our government relies to a great extent as a democratic tool in governing.
He has decided, that the appointment of the Governor General, is a fair topic for open, political and partisan debate. The burning question is how far is he prepared to take that debate on the Governor General.
Buoyed by the Speaker's recent ruling ( which yet may go down as the greatest faux pas of Speaker's rulings in parliamentary history, because common sense is still the most important virtue that any democracy must have and employ to flourish and not short term political gain).

"Before us are issues that question the very foundations upon which our parliamentary system is built," Mr. Milliken said during his 45-minute ruling. "In a system of responsible government, the fundamental right of the House of Commons to hold the government to account for its actions is an indisputable privilege and, in fact, an obligation."

What is there to prevent Ignatieff from making a motion in parliament to propose a name of his choice as next Governor General or to propose a motion that the government's choice, after it is made, is not acceptable to most parliamentarians given that it is "the fundamental right of the House of Commons to hold the government to account" (Can't we just envisage Bloc support for Ignatieff as this is just manna from heaven for the Bloc as a wedge issue to buttress their argument that the system in Canada does not work)
How far will Ignatieff go, and what parliamentary turmoil is he prepared to foist on Canadians, in his selfish quest for power, aided and abetted by his ignorance of parliamentary traditions due to being AWOL for 34 years?
What may save Canada and Canadians is that if this is the vision and process ( along with the scandalous actions of carnival cheques, doorknobs, wafergate, H1N1) that Ignatieff and the Liberals offer Canadians to return them to power, it is doomed to failure, as Canadians bask as their government leads the world in exiting the recession and receives bouquets on a daily basis from international agencies and governments for their actions and leadership.