Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Iffy and the LPC in Quebec. More turmoil.

From the Globe and Mail: The president of the Liberal Party of Canada’s Québec wing, Marc Lavigne — who’d been in his position for only four months — tendered his resignation on May 14.

La Presse also reports that one of the Quebec directors of the Liberal Party, Marc Bélanger, sent out an e-mail in April denouncing the increased role being played by Michael Ignatieff’s office to the detriment of party structures in the province. And, on Monday of this week, another director of the Party, Michel Faure, denounced the on-going treatment of the Liberal Party’s executive director in Quebec, Louis-Philippe Angers: “I’ve been able to observe, contrary to official denials, that several attempts have been made to get rid of Philippe Angers…without anyone saying what he’s done wrong. In my view, he’s being harassed, which is unworthy of our Party and unacceptable,” Mr. Faure wrote.

And Denis Coderre still has no idea what the consequences are that Ignatieff said he will have to face.

The LPC. More united than ever!


wilson said...

”Because of this, no one is working …and the Chrétien-Martin divisions are still being felt.”

Good gawd , in opposition,
they can't heal the family feud, why would Canadian want them in government?

Jen said...

You are right wilson, it scares me everytime I think that the liberals want to run this country-it gives me shudders.
They have lost touched with canadians decades ago, the only touch they knew about was themselves and their useless media.

Deni Coderre, a hezbollah supporter among other liberal mps who support terrorist groups frighten us more.

Ardvark said...

It is going to be a crazy day.

A National Securities Regulator announced.

Iggy ashamed of Canada. ( a link to the vid would be awesome if someone finds it)

and the usual committee shenanigans.

The_Iceman said...

Iggy cursing the Montreal Canadiens with his shameless PR stunt isn't going to help matters either...


Chicago in 6

wilson said...

Iffy's shame was a clip on CTV newsnet in a scrum with reporters after the Wednesday caucus meeting.
not up yet?

wilson said...

around the 5:35 mark, in French, shame

All thru out this clip, if you can stomach to watch it.
Iffy gets it wrong!
Did he even read the Budget?
the $900m in security costs was budgeted, and the funds are being allocated in portions.
It's in the Budget

Sammy said...

See link to story at Bourque re:Iggy's elected MP's and relates to another quality candidate in BC choosing to say NO to running.All over the whipped vote on the gun registry.