Thursday, May 20, 2010

LPC, hows that divisiveness workin' out for you?

They have been insinuating our troops are war criminals for a couple of years now, they brought up the abortion debate when there was no need to do so, they have played games and screamed scandal at almost everything that the Harper government has done, they have voted against their own motions, and they have a leader who makes no decisions (when he does he later changes his mind) provides no real direction and refuses to accept responsibility for any of it.

How's all of that divisiveness working out for you?

There is still hope though; here is Ignatieff's latest speech, with commentary by Scott Feschuk

As Warren Kinsella said so eloquently some time ago: 'When they start laughing at you it's all over. Fini.'


hunter said...

Iggy's speech is a hoot, and they only paid $1000 for all those gems?

Ardvark said...

$1000! I hope the chicken was good.

Anonymous said...

Catmeat Kinsella doesn't know how to speak eloquently

Ardvark said...

Tonight on CBC's The National Peter Mansbridge said

'but this somehow seems different this last little while; this is a real problem they got on their hands.'
The topic: The Ignatieff Liberals.

Chantal Hebert also claimed that Chretien and Broadbent are having high level talks on a coalition!!

Ardvark said...

Anon, Warren on occasion does write some great stuff.