Saturday, May 15, 2010

"I decided to disclose this event to the public because I play a public role and consider that I must be transparent at all times,"

Pablo Rodriquez: "I decided to disclose this event to the public because I play a public role and consider that I must be transparent at all times,"


wilson said...

Likely the media knew about a month ago too.
Just like Bob Fife knew about Apps 'driving the get away car' for 2 weeks before it became public (he said so)....and said nothing.

Pablo was charged with a 'federal' offence,
and Iffy was pleased to announce there will be no repercussions from him, no no, he's innocent until proven guilty;
this on the heels of Iffy demanding Shory, a Con MP named in a blanket 'civil' suit, be fired!

Ardvark said...

If the MSM doesn't ask Iffy the obvious, what he knew and when he knew it, they should all be fired. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw Pablo's press conference on TV, but then again I am not a highly schooled professional journalist.

Not a good week for the CBC to looking into their own bias.

CanadianSense said...

Should they not be looking into the details of how you fail a test?

What would be the advantages of failing the test?

Did he do other roadside tests?

They should ask the leader of the Liberals if public perception about the double standard in due process, accountability by his party in calling for resignation of Conservative MP for allegations would affect his party.

I included the Apple Pie link in media bias post today. Thanks again for the tip.

Bec said...

"I intend to fight the serious accusations that have been made against me," Jaffer said in a statement issued days after his Sept. 11 arrest. "

"ISSUED DAYS".....this was in the news IMMEDIATELY after it occurred. Cameras were stuck in the face of his wife, relentlessly. Have the media pigs stalked the family and loved ones of Rodriquez? Have they even brought it up to the Emperor himself?

Transparency? No way. Transparency would have been, "a statement made days after his arrest" say about 24 or so days ago?
About the time the hypocrites were doing some serious, piling on perhaps?

Now that I've ranted like a LIBERAL would, I feel like I need a bath!

Tomm said...

CBC biased...?

Do bear's shit in the woods...?

I actually don't mind that they are biased. I just wished they quit using the public purse to fund their social justice agenda. Those that want CBC can empty their own personal wallet to keep it alive. As the major media source in Canada, they are the cause of many people's opinions.

I also notice that they tend to use their bias in a wave form. They can tone it down when they wish to appear angelic.

On their website they didn't even identify Pablo as a Liberal for several hours. He was simply a "Montreal MP". And then they buried it behind and under the Shory article. It is probably already at the bottom of some story list.

wilson said...

Oooooh, isn't this interesting on so many levels:

MPs don't want the Auditor General and the public to know about all the lawsuits against them because 'people will jump to conclusions'.

No kidding, that's how the Opps and their media have operated for 4.5 years to smear the Harper govt.

maryT said...

The good thing about this delay and lack of coverage really shows up the bias of the media, and of the liberals.
I wish the PM would do a video to explain his actions, and start with, in a minority govt, we must work with the opposition and as they demanded her head on a platter for weeks, we had to finally agree with them. Then show clips of Martin, Goodale, Iffy, Jennings etc all calling for her head.
As these members are not saying in so many words that they were wrong, and possibly lied in the HofC, I and Helena are awaiting their sincere apologies.
Not one reporter or host of a tv show has asked any of the above named why they have changed their minds, or called them on their demands.
And, as usual, we know that if we wait long enough, the tables will turn and one of their own will be found out. We now have Apps, Lee, Pablo mentioned in various scandals. How many will be fired.

Calgary Junkie said...

As our mediocre msm loses more and more of its credibility, maybe the brainiacs at the top of, say CTV, should ponder long and hard about the reasons for the big success of FOX News. Maybe it has something to do with their slogan:

We report. You decide.

So, when a story breaks, just report the details in a dispassionate, even manner, no raised voices, no raised eyebrows, etc. Avoid conjectures, motivations, and the like. Then interview TWO analysts/politicians/party spokespersons/whovever with opposing points of view. Then challenge EACH person equally.

The "reporting" model that CTV uses now is pathetic, to say the least. For one thing, instead of trotting out a Lib AND Dipper (and sometimes even also a Blochead), just find ONE spokesperson of the left.

I mean really, how much difference is there between their points of view, and talking points ? So CTV, give equal time to the left and right. It would make for much better television.

The_Iceman said...

Liberals drink and drive? I'm shocked!

We need a full public inquiry!

Jen said...

CJ, FOX-"We report. You decide."

Glenn Beck-"America, here's what the media is not telling you"

Same here Glenn same here.

Pablo is still in government whereas Rahim is a private citizen.
yet Pablo boozes, gets caught, and is easily let down by his media. No demanding for his resignation etc.

maryT said...

Isn't Pablo from some religion that doesn't drink.
Re liberals drinking and driving, remember the Premier of BC. And liberals drink and try to fly but are removed from planes.