Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Star, G&M, and Canwest forced to CHANGE reporters at Gitmo.

Michelle Shephard of the Toronto Star, Steven Edwards of Canwest, and Paul Koring of the Globe & Mail have been banned by the Pentagon from returning to Guantanamo Bay.

The Pentagon noted that this ruling can be appealed and now Canadians everywhere along with the Obama administration await to hear what Canwest, The Toronto Star, and the The Globe and Mail have to say?

Initial reports from the NP here. The Star here. Globe and Mail here.

Pissing off our allies. Just another reason why military documents should not be seen by the press or any Gilles, Jack, and Iggy who happen to temporarily occupy an office in Ottawa.


Jeff said...

What superlative timing. Michael Ignatieff demonstrated that he cannot keep a private conversation private. And three Canadian journalists from three different papers reported the name of a witness whose identity is under a protective order.

But I didn't need this evidence to know that neither opposition MPs nor hostile journalists would keep military secrets secret in order to protect our troops.

It's not just amazing Stephen Harper has governed successfully for 1550 days in a minority parliament, but that he's done so in spite of agenda journalism and an opposition not working in the country's best interests but instead for their own benefit.

You're a disgusting bunch and you deserve each other.

Ardvark said...

Being slapped down by the Obama administration.

Is that enough to alter The Star's editorial policy on Obama?
I doubt it but I do look forward to read the squirming in that editorial.

Bec said...

They simply DON'T get it do they?

This has no longer the essence of getting the story but of being the story.
These pond leeches are ruining it for everyone and are so far from Bernstein and Woodward, it's laughable.
The socialist way of thinking has eroded all of the substance and integrity...there is none.
It's all about Hollywood and drama,
starving street walking untalented types, of which there are more of them than the opposite.

NB Tory Gal said...

Keep blogging about it. Hunter has a post up today on her doubt about opposition keeping secrets...yes we have seen iggy delight in being included within the loop, only to dance up and down and dial telephone numbers to come and listen to his opinion in the "lobby" - we knew the journalists would look for the ball and run with it..we have never been assurred they would not by the higher almighty's within their workplaces...the mentality of entitlement "out there" is really frightening.

Jen said...

Good on the Pentagon, the moment I hear G/M, T/S CBC CTV. I hope that Pentagon bars them. these medias are not to be trusted. Those reporters don't seem to get it, that Omar Khadr was arrested under the Liberal watch yet throughout those years how many of these reporters spent time coaxing Omar Khadr. My guess, none.