Saturday, April 24, 2010

A prime minister has one simple job: To keep the country together and not seek polarization...

Michael Ignatieff: "A prime minister has one simple job: To keep the country together and not seek polarization...."

So why do almost all of your policy ideas do just that?

Speaking to the press on his book/while I am here lets talk politics so the taxpayers can pay for this tour, Michael Ignatieff continues to follow the Graves doctrine of divisive politics.

On the gun registry:

The Opposition leader has vowed the Liberal caucus will vote against a Conservative private member's bill to scrap the registry.

"When I talk to cops, they say, "When we go into buildings, we check the registry. We don't send officers in unless we check it."

(Really? So tell me this; if the registry says that there are no guns in that 'building', do the police go in without a care in the world and assume that they will be safe, or do they do the smart thing and assume that EVERY 'building' potentially has a gun in it and prepare accordingly? It sounds to me that the registry may be providing a false sense of security and may actually open the police up to more danger, which if so, is another reason why it needs to go.)

Making it mandatory that Supreme Court Justices be bilingual:

First of all, there's a French fact in Saskatchewan, which is important. It's not the case that French isn't a part of the cultural heritage of the West, just look at the place names
. (where have I heard that before?) The West wants in . . . to these great national institutions, but we are a bilingual country. And this is not a minor matter because a quarter of the cases come from Quebec. This isn't me creating a new obstacle that the West has to overcome. This is our country and I want the West to participate and I want our law schools to be sending out the message: "You want to get on the Supreme Court? You might want to study a little French."

(Sorry Iffy but Canadians want the best legal minds to be on the bench, not the best linguists. This is totally needless. divisive and reeks of political correctness just for the sake of it. Obvious unasked question: Should the 6 Justices currently on the SC who are not fully bilingual have to resign? Including Justice Rothstein, who Ignatieff singled out as a "great guy' but who is not bilingual? Oh and 5 minutes in the penalty box for actually using the term "The West wants in".)

And as an added bonus: The author speaks on the LPC situation in Saskatchewan.

We've held Liberal seats in Saskatchewan in the past. There are Liberals out here; we just need to get them out to vote.

("held" + "past" ? Strange that an author on a book tour would have trouble with his tenses, or did he actually forget about Ralph Goodale?)

I am starting to look forward to the next election when the public starts paying more attention and they will get their daily dose of Ignatieff unfiltered.

BC Blue on the Star Phoenix story.


The_Iceman said...

Do we know yet how much money total the CBC spent on Graves polling? Who commissioned his "are you a Tory and a racist" poll?

Ardvark said...

Since they are taxpayer dollars that info should be available through a freedom of information request to the CBC.

I think we all will be waiting for some time (like forever because it doesn't exist) to see Tory = Racist poll.

maryT said...

We can call the liberals the party of flip floppers if those 8 liberals change their vote. What would he do to them, kick them out of caucus. If they change their vote they are gone anyway, so why wait.
I doubt if Mr Z even knew he was in Sask.
308 blog has the libs winning 16 seats in the west next time, but wont tell us where they are. He has one in Alberta. But seems he has written Duncan off.
OT, but why no coverage of the crosses burning in Bison's riding forcing a bi-racial couple to leave the province.

Ardvark said...

maryT: FYI Linda Duncan is from the NDP so the Libs are, and will continue to be, shut out in Alberta, home of cranky old racists.

I wonder why Hedy has been so quiet on the (real) cross burning?

maryT said...

I know Duncan is ndp, but 308 says 1 lib in AB and no ndp. Poor gal, wont even qualify for a pension. Where would the libs have any hope in h--- to win a seat in Alberta. Unless of course all the opposition ganged up for a lib, aka Joe Clark, when he won. (I know, not a lib)

Ardvark said...

My mistake,(now obvious) on whom the 'he' was in your comment.

Really, 308 has projected one Lib in AB? Maybe he should be working for EKOS.

wilson said...

This would be a good time for the CPC to come out with some ads

'My Canada Includes the West'

Because from where I am sitting, the 'West Wants Out' is a very real possibility.

CanadianSense said...

Eric supports the separtists Bloc. I had colorful exchanges highlighting the undemocratic practices of the Bloc Party, the voters for the party. (Every see a free vote?)

He allows disparging comments against female conservatives from many sources.

Classifies Ann Coulter as hate speech and not worthy of protection of free speech.

The Political parties in QC cater to French over other minority language rights.

His commentary is similar to Ekos in framing the CPC numbers.

He was unhappy when I challenged his Liberals, NDP posters with the same questions and allegation they were using against the Rahim and Helena.

I referred to a book "Liberalism as a Mental Disorder". He dismissed the expert.(Dr. Lyle Rossiter)

Jeff said...

Three Grave posts from AA and many others on Blogging Tories. I can't stop smiling. More please.

CanadianSense said...

I am happy Jeff defends the attacks on Albertans by a Pollster that donated $ 11k to the Liberals.

I imagine for some Liberals gutter politics is the norm.

That dustbin of history won't come fast enough for the Liberal party won't come fast enough.

CanadianSense said...


regular Canadians are not buying what the opposition are selling.

The culture war has been used for years by them.

Bloc with Lib+NDP French language SC judges.
Lib with Bloc+NDP reparation for treatment of Canadians (Italians)

Lib with tax funded abortions for Congo supported by Bloc+NDP

LGR vote.

The framing has always been practiced by the opposition. Taliban prisoner comfort policy, Prorogue 22 sitting day delay (dictator democracy destroyed), H1N1 bodybags, Somailia female trapped, framing them as racists and uncaring has not EVER stopped.

The sad part is the FACTS about details show a ver different picture. They are weakening the faith, support of the military, government.
Going to the extreme and pushing the negatives 24/7 will drive down support for engagement for all parties.

Ardvark said...

CS, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, I think you may have misinterpreted Jeff's comment.

I agree with everyone who has said that the Graves Doctrine is nothing new and that this type of thing has been going on for years. The difference is that it is now out in the open and confirms that the Liberals have run out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

The federal liberals know nothing about keeping the country together with their very expensive/discriminatory bilingualism policy as well as their billion dollar long run registry which pits urban against rural Canadians.