Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Elizabeth May's Campaign Manager Quits, and other green troubles

A must read blog entry on the current troubles within the Green Party of Canada under Elizabeth May's leadership.


'John Fryer just quit as Elizabeth May`s campaign manager in SGI. I won`t bother going into the endless list of people who have been briefly associated on a professional basis with Elizabeth May and the current leadership of the Party who have quit, been fired, or just shunted aside.....'

'So there we were, and here we are. A National Party with full slate of directors, leader, deputy-leader, and communications staffers on the payroll, but NO FIELD ORGANISERS!'

'So to summarise, the current leadership has been exposed as hopelessly incompetent with our finances and Party management. They ramped up hiring and spending, then were forced to 180 and fire everybody. The response to the unfolding woes has been to re-focus the Party from encouraging and supporting local organising at the grassroots level, to making electing Elizabeth May the sole priority of the Party. '

And you thought Ignatieff had problems.


CanadianSense said...

Great post on the state of GRN. Reads like the Liberal Party of Canada. Betting on a leader and letting the organization suffer.

November 12, 2009

It is looking like the dismissals are budget-related; too much staff for a long period of waiting for the next election. Anyone with more information is of course welcome to send it on here.

** While 30 was one number out there tonight, I actually heard from an OLO staffer around 10 p.m. who said that nine people left today. Thanks!

I have been saying this for a long time the financials are the key. The LPOC are not prepared for a $ 20 million National campaign in 2010.
Those are sent to Elections Canada and you can't fake it.

The_Iceman said...

How much do you want to bet that a lot of Greens are begging her to dump Saanich and take on a weaker Tory. She isn't going to beat Gary Lunn, and I think a lot of the Green rank and file understand that. She can't see past her vanity, and she is going to make the same mistake she did choosing Central Nova.

The_Iceman said...

Oh, and Pavel Datsyuk completes least as a sports fan.

Anonymous said...

Fuuny. Elizabeth May tweeted a link to this article she wrote.
Uhm ya.. Emay is going to fix the Economy. Sounds like she needs to fix her own party finances.

Hoarfrost said...

Elizabeth may doesn't know what economy means and neither do any of the past candidates in my perspective.

We certainly have a pollution problem in my opinion but if we do not have a productive country we can never do anything about it anyway. Notice I said pollution not CO2, which remains to be seen.

maryT said...

I wonder how lizzie will react to the new rules re lending money to candidates or a party . And will they affect the liberal wannabe leaders debts. Something about if a candidate reneges on a loan or debt the federal party will have to pay, or the riding association.
And where will the greens get money when the 1.95/vote is taken away next election.
The only good thing about her getting a seat is she would never get much chance to speak or ask questions. But, we know she would be crossing the floor in a minute, but to who.

Jen said...

She can join the coalition party why not, Bob Rae did, he who bankrupted Ontario found a party that the media protects with every fibre of their being. I n other words Bob found a party(liberals)that the media do no investigating into. so he is free as a bird.

Remember Dion and Elizabeth.

And so there could be four prime ministers in the coalition.

jad said...

Out here on sunny Van Isle, there is a fuss over the fact that Washington State Ferries are planning sea-trials of a new fast-ferry - off the Canadian Gulf Islands. Apparently, if they run the trials in the US, they require all sorts of permits for environmental and other reasons, but up here nada.

You would think this would be a perfect issue for Ms May, but whereas Gary Lunn is all over this, including writing to a couple of other ministers to complain, Ms May has so far been MIA.

She supposedly has a house here in Sydney, but there is never any sign of her in the local media, so I have to wonder if she is still serious about running here.

Anonymous said...

Jen is right, I hope the Greens fold into the dipper ranks or better still the liberals. Let them screw it all up. (real conservative)

bluegreenblogger said...

Based on what I see, a pretty partisan bunch, making the seme fundamental mistakes that the dippers and libs make about the Greens. While you all seem to love dissing EMay, and wishing her gone, you will laugh out of the other side of your`mouth once we have replaced her with a proper Bluegreen. We will then systematically target the Red Tory voters in the swing ridings, and whup your asses. It is kind of fun to be in a Party that appeals to evry part of the political spectrum. We only have to target 2%-3% of the vote to decide who is the next Prime minister. When we have replaced the leader who doesn`t understand how it works with a Leader who does, then the new leader will set me and my GPC war-room colleagues loose on you, and we will feast on liver and chianti! Bon appetit....

Ardvark said...

She ain't gone yet BGB.