Friday, April 09, 2010

I don't want to make allegations but......

Question (approx 8:15): 'It is all about her and no one else?'

Michael Ignatieff: 'I don't want to make allegations myself but that is an excellent question. In my opinion it's hardly credible to think that this does not touch other individuals in the Conservative Government. I repeat, I do not want to make allegations but there are 2 individuals, very well placed individuals, in the Conservative Party and in the current government, and so we can ask questions.'

2 individuals in the CPC and in the current government?

You got any names that you would care to name there oh great intellectual one?

Or is this one from the Scott Reid school of drive-by smear?


Gabby in QC said...

That Ignatieff scrum was the first time I ever saw a politician blush ... sooo, even Ignatieff himself was embarrassed by what he said.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

in the Conservative Party and in the current government...

Wow. What information is Iggy privy to that we're not???

Ardvark said...

I don't want to make allegations but since the Parliamentary Press Gallery are all here ...

And not 1 of them called him on it!

maryT said...

What if the RCMP are investigating this from the first report of her meltdown in PEI. What if they demand security videos, or the letter that was sent to Easter. Perhaps some airport employee should start shaking in their boots. Or how about all the insinuations made by fife/tabor and others. Those tapes of QP, power play and evan's show are available to take apart.
If the media can make allegations, why can't we. Is Fife under investigation, or Easter. What about Neville, she made some vile statements.
Did Garth Turner use a conservative logo or lib logo on any material after his defeat. Did he brag he had access to anyone, on his blog or elsewhere.
Maybe the RCMP have been called to investigate the spouses of all lib mps. Will this put the detainee issue to bed for a while during QP.
I expect this to be front and center in QP for the coming weeks, and I hope the PM and others try to get adscam, unpaid leadership debts and the libs intention to raise taxes, into every response.

The_Iceman said...

This story is a great way for the Liberals to distract attention away from our roaring economy.

CanadianSense said...

You forgot in the video clip I had up a few weeks ago from his CBC interview on his book, he stated he talked to his dead grandparents on his mothers side.

Maybe they were conservatives?

Alberta Girl said...

"This story is a great way for the Liberals to distract attention away from our roaring economy"

And...the ongoing investigation into that REAL scandal...ADSCAM

Anonymous said...

"I don't take any pleasure" (in these events). Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

Where was Ignatieff at today's Remembrance of Vimy Ridge, F,,,Off you girly man.

Bec said...

The proverbial 'gloves are off' and Ignatieff himself has opened the door.

You want smear Mr. Iffy? No more whining and snivelling when your feelings are hurt with embarrassing truth ads.

I have never seen a smear campaign like this one with the exception of what these same losers attempted to accomplish with PM Mulroney being linked to the current PM.

The PPG are sleazy nonprofessionals and care not a whit about who they destroy. As long as it's a Conservative.They are mindless idiots, seriously!

But you have to love diversions like the Masters and playoff hockey. Thank you God! Thank you!

maryT said...

Another diversion is that Kevin Koe is playing in the final for worlds men's curling championship. I remember how the commentators were sort of dissing him at the Brier, saying it was his first time, no experience etc. Guess he has showed them.

gimbol said...

Iggy has the full backing of the Ottawa busybody caucus to keep on this issue.
His minister without portfolio (or seat for that matter) Jane Taber responsible for baseless inuendo and her parliamentary assistant Bob Fife have been busy accumulating all second hand info from a friend of a second cousin who works at the coffee shop an hours drive from the PEI airport on the extended family of Helena Guergis's office assistant's pet chihuahua Fifi.
His Ickyness will not of course be throwing around baseless accusations unless he thinks he and the rest of the busybody caucus can destroy someones reputation.
In other not so important news, the Canadian economy is reported to probably outpace all other major economies.

Anonymous said...

Iggy and his wife were at the Vimy ceremony too.

As usual this is going to backfire on the Liberals. I think the PM knows more than what he could say.

He did the right thing. That's all that matters to me.

Lynn said...

Did Ignatieff actually attend university,or did he just study under Saul Alinsky, like "Grasshopper" in the old TV series,"Kung Fu"?

These bastards NEVER give up. They are at war with the Conservatives, and I don't mean politically,but ideologically.

This bunch is as radical as the Acorn group that fought so hard for Obama,and they have the same goal, a new system of politics in our Country,radical Left-wing socialism.

The Liberals are using every tactic in Alinsky's book, and nowhere do they provide us with evidence, just "suspicions" and "allegations", that may have NO basis in fact whatsoever, but they're OUT THERE!

Chances are pretty good Guergis had contact with other Conservative MP's, so the "touch" statement is a great propaganda vehicle for the Liberals, cast MORE suspicion on more Conservatives, without a shred of evidence.

And,of course, the MSM eats it up and regurgitates it all over the front page.

The Conservatives should fight back, and fight dirty, start some investigations of Liberal MP's and dredge up old Liberal malfeasance,god knows there's enough of it.

And spread the word on the internet,bypassing the MSM.

If we ever let this gang of gossip-mongering whores back into power,the government of Canada will resemble more that of Duplessis than Pearson.


Hinchey's Store said...

Oh my. Ignatieff has forgotten that Jaffer isn't even an MP anymore...

If you don't know who your opponent is, how can you be prepared for a fight? I mean, is he even aware of anything political, or is he just going to keep being on all sides of an issue at all times?