Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What kind of "Rural Canada Matters" strategy.....

What kind of "Rural Canada Matters" strategy keeps in place the much hated gun registry and keeps in place the Canadian Wheat Board which does not allow western (and only western) farmers to sell their own grain?

Answer: The Liberals Rural Canada Matters Strategy.

What does the Liberals RCM strategy actually do?

It plans to put 80 Million dollars towards an advertising campaign to promote farmers markets and locally produced food

Hooray, another Liberal ad campaign; just what Liberal bagmen rural Canada needs!

Michael Ignatieff is so far removed from rural Canada that he should require a visa before visiting a farm. Don't believe me? Well then explain just how the following measures, also part of the RCM, relate to rural Canada.
  • A $40-million program to help 250,000 low-income children get better access to healthy food.
  • New health-labelling criteria for food and tougher standards on trans-fats.
  • Investing $50 million to ensure foreign imports meet local standards and to improve food inspections, and implementing a review of federal food inspection agencies to ensure safe food for Canadian consumers.
None of this has anything at all to do with rural Canada and looking at the spending I would guess that 95% of the money allocated will be spent in urban, and not rural, Canada.

Take your RCM plan and your divisive Graves Doctrine and go back to Harvard already Iffy; rural Canada does not need you.


Anonymous said...

If the Liberals took their lousy 80 million and gave it directly to the farmers that might pay the cost of operating 80 large grain farms for a year. The Liberals with their big city focus have no idea that these types of farms and many cattle ranches are million dollar plus a year operations.

Anonymous said...

rural canada only matters to the liberals cause it has seats they need to return to power . but the people's opinions do not matter to the liberals as its iggy's way or else as we see demonstrated on the gun registry . trust me if they had a better chance in quebec or more urban seats in toronto iggy wouldn't of bothered to make the half hr drive north of toronto to the holland harsh .

Lynn said...

"Michael Ignatieff is so far removed from rural Canada that he should require a visa before visiting a farm."

Thank you,that's one of the best lines I've heard regarding Ignatieff.

We'd be better off with Prince Charles as our PM, if we MUST elect a member of the aristocracy,at least Charles DOES have a distant connection to Canada.

This is another of the many examples,for anyone who's paying attention,why Ignatieff must NEVER attain the PM's office. He'd be a bigger disaster than Obama is in the U.S.

Ignatieff, in an effort to connect with the "little people", probably watched an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" once long ago, and it formed an everlasting image of farming on the Prairies.


CanadianSense said...

8 rural MP broke ranks with Liberals on LGR, how many are from NFLD?

How many are ridings within 5% or less gap?

Let's hope we have the PM makes this a confidence matter in 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

this is one of the best posts I've read. Well done! Straight to the point and entirely on the money!

maryT said...

Mr Z should have a look at some of the financial stmts and tax returns I have completed over the past few weeks. A lot of urban voters would be very surprised at the expenses incurred, plus the cost of machinery needed to maintain the farm.
Also the amount of gst they pay (and get reimbursed) would also shock him.
And then we have Ujjal telling his people to buy land in Alberta and get their independent country.
Liberals have made a decision to help Alberta separate from Canada, without realizing that our money goes with us.

R. G. Harvie said...

Good post.. well done.

Yes another in a long list of Liberal plans that do two things:

a) Buy votes; and
b) Increase the federal civil service, yet again.

Note to Ignatieff - take a good look at Greece, and see the logical result of increasing government, and decreasing productivity of our private sector - both through further restraining profit (increased tax) and by reducing productivity of employees (over-powered unions).

bocanut said...

'Lil Weenie lead egomaniac of the geezer punk band "Shit For Brains"and downtown Toronto Liberal strategist is crowing about getting a retraction from a Eastern Ontario Farmer's Monthly magazine for some unknown slight.
He doesn't even have the balls to quote the offending article.
That's gonna work real nice with Mr. Sza-Sza's let's get jiggy with the hicks "Rural Canda Matters Strategy".
Arnold Ziffel has more common sense.