Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jack Layton and the NDP still wooing the Bloc

Jack Layton and the NDP look to still be wooing the Bloc (as possible coalition buddies?) instead of supporting legislation that would increase democracy and add representation to underrepresented Alberta, BC and Ontario.

I take special note of Edmonton Strathcona MP Linda Duncan who again tosses the needs of the people of Alberta out the window in order to appease the Bloc and Quebec.

We will remember this Linda.

To those of you in BC and Ontario represented by the NDP you might want to ask them what the hell are they thinking.

Here is what the NDP caucus voted in favour of earlier today.

" That the House denounce the fact that the government seeks to marginalize the Quebec nation by introducing a bill to decrease Quebec’s political weight in the House, and that it affirm that Quebec Members of Parliament, who represent a nation, must hold at least 25 percent of the seats in the House; The House proceeded to the taking of the deferred recorded division on the amendment of Mr. Laframboise (ArgenteuilPapineau—Mirabel), seconded by Ms. Demers (Laval), — That the motion be amended by deleting all the words after the words “in the House” and substituting the following: “and call on the government not to enact any legislation that would reduce Quebec’s current representation in the House of Commons of 24.35% of the seats.”.

Results can be found here.


CanadianSense said...

Muclair must have some cool Jedi mind tricks.

The NDP have NEVER been a factor in Quebec. This is a tactical mistake. They should have stuck to facts about population, demographics.
They chose to make this about unity and appeasement. Canadians are fed up with that strategy and transfers for provinces that won't fix their own problems.

He should have had Muclair speak in favour of adding more seats to ROC and suggest Quebec is NOT losing prestige or power.

The Bloc, NDP have suggested this weill marginalize and took the victim path in this debate.

The opposition are making needless mistakes.

Ardvark said...

The New (but not so) Democratic Party.

hunter said...

Good to point out how our favorite NDP Alberta MP voted, and you are right, we will remember it.

I think some door knocking in her riding would be fun!

Ardvark said...

Hunter, I know I will be doing just that when the writ drops, but Ryan is, and has been, door-knocking on a regular basis for some time now.

It is going to be THE riding to watch.

Blame Crash said...

So this Quebec born and raised, silver spooned twit, who’s now a certified Toronto Turd is implying that us Albertans and British Columbians are half humans and deserve to be treated as such. All for no other reason than his belief that it would benefit him politically!

We can all read between the lines and see that the New Democratic Party’s political ideology can be summed up as “Democracy for me! But not for thy!”

No big surprise though, we always knew that the word “New” was double speak for “Non” amongst the Prog dirtbag set.

redensign said...

This doesn't come as a surprise to me. I looked at the most populous ridings (most likely to be split) in Alberta, BC, and Ontario and the NDP just aren't competitive. The new seats are likely to break by a 2 to 1 margin for the Conservatives over the Liberals. The NDP won't pick up any of them.

So from their POV, why support adding new seats that will not only debase the Bloc (the main party preventing the CPC from getting a majority), but also debase the NDP by giving more seats to their two main competitors.

My personal opinion: we live in a quasi-democracy. Quite pathetic.

Thucydides said...

The NDP is s Socialist Democratic party.

The Bloc is a National Socialist party.

Their platforms, philosophies and interests are far more similar to each other than the Liberals, Greens or CPC, so they are a natural fit. With a little more work, Jack Layton could also split the orange wing of the Liberal Party (assuming he wants Bob Rae back) and would potentially command enough seats to form a government.

(National Socialist in its correctly political sense: the Bloc seeks to use the power of the State for the benefit of an identifiable or defined group; in this case defined by ethnic rather than class, gender or social groupings)

maryT said...

Rosemarie Barton said on Evan's show that a little known fact is that the conservative party in Quebec has closed down its offices, and have given up on a majority thru Quebec. Any truth to that.
Anyone heard from Codere lately.

Ardvark said...

The NDP thought they could slip this under the radar with the Pat Martin show in Committee today.

It worked.

The MSM totally missed it.

The_Iceman said...

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

-Napoleon Bonaparte

Anonymous said...

Jack Layton on the democratic process:

"What about the legitimacy of the democratic process, yeah, what about it?"

sometime in November 2008, while he was working for canadians on the "coalition project".