Friday, April 09, 2010

You want an insult to Canadians intelligence.....

This is an insult to not only the intelligence of Canadians but to reality.

“The other thing that is getting tiresome is calling Rahim Jaffer a private citizen, Ignatieff said “This is becoming an insult to the intelligence of Canadians,”

Ok Mr. Intellectual, or his many blog trolling toadies, please explain to us all how your appointed leader is correct and that Rahim Jaffer is not really a private citizen.

Update: It all makes sense now. Ignatieff considers himself better than the rest of us and part of the "political class", and I assume that never again could he himself ever be considered to be something as low on the class scale as just a private citizen.


Anonymous said...

"But he takes no pleasure in any of this." What a liar and a phony.

Ardvark said...

When was the last time that Ignatieff, when he was there, or any Liberal MP asked a question about the economy in QP?

They dare not bring attention to just how well the PM has done on what really matters to Canadians and would rather try to throw mud on issues the public could care less about.

wilson said...

That's why Libs are stuck at 27% and Iffy commands 16% of Canadians confidence AA, they earned it.

CanadianSense said...

Is he suggesting the PM and his staff are responsible if a Rahim uses old business cards or makes allegation he is connected?

I am not sure what the PMO can do to prevent an ex-MP from 2008 pretending he is still connected or have used some old business cards.

The PMO appears to have moved this up the food chain by contacting the proper authorities based on further allegations.

Has Rahim negotiated a deal with the crown on testifying against someone higher up as alluded in the story in the STAR?

If so, some distance may be necessary.

I don't agree the PMO acted on the alleged tantrum or the mortgage as presented by the helpless media and opposition.

It might be the other stuff.

maryT said...

As there are no private lives for the families of current or former MPs, guess we should start investigating them. Didn't Chretains son get arrested for rape or something like that. Whatever happened in that case. Did he get special treatment from the courts.
Wonder how many of those lib mps have paid to keep their kids out of trouble re drugs, DUIs, failing grades or whatever. Somebody will surely be finding out.
I wonder about the lives of journalists families. Got to be something there.

Spin Assassin said...

I think the PM can do something CS. He called the RCMP. My hunch is because its illegal to say that you can peddle influence with the PMO. It clearly said so on his site so there it is.

CanadianSense said...

Agreed the logical next step is to investigate and insulate the PMO regarding an illegal activity regarding his claim to lobbying.

It is impossible to prevent this activity but if it the allegations should be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Who pays Iffy's rent for his condo in Yorkville

Rural and Right said...

I must remember never to piss maryT off.

Ardvark said...

Even with a prominent link over at a certain left wing blog, I still have
NO TAKERS on my question regarding Ignatieff's comments.

CanadianSense said...

Are you shocked?

I suspect many of them know the stunts are not working.

Canadians don't care and are not paying attention the MSM, political spin in Ottawa.

Besides us political junkies who would actually tune in or read political "news"?

It's the economy stupid, and gross incompetence on handling our money.

The CPC have not gained or lost as they have not repeated the same mistakes as the LPOC.

When a serious allegation was made, swift action was taken.

Contrast Helena, Bernier removal vs Adscam Liberals.

Ardvark said...

From Matt Gurney @ the National Post

Mr. Ignatieff must either be having an off-day or is being intentionally disingenuous. Mr. Jaffer is a private citizen. There's no ambiguity about this. One cannot be a semi-private citizen. A private citizen can be a public figure, perhaps, but if you're not in the government, you're a private citizen, Mr. Ignatieff. There's no wiggle room here. Mr. Jaffer does not currently hold elected office. Nor is he a member of the Public Service. If he tried to act like he was more than a private citizen, he should be publicly humiliated for being dumb (mission of the day over at TorStar HQ, and seemingly, mission accomplished).

Jen said...

No intellectual person will consider supporting or for that matter be a leader to the most corrupt liberal party in canadian history. Except Ignatieff.

So Ignatieff is very proud to be the leader to most corrupt party that stole from the nation, insulted her in the international scene; and a party that support terrorist groups. WOW!

Why do you think Bob Rae, who bankrupt Ontario decided to join the liberals? is because he can do what he wants knowing full well that the liberal media would not say a word; even if BOB takes the liberals to the NDP territory, the media just goes along like puppets.
How many liberals still refuse to pay back their loans to EC.

skinnydude said...

I have no interest in this lib/con bashing back and forthing uselessness.

However, once one gets off on cocaine charges like that, you are no longer, a "private citizen".


Ardvark said...

So the prosecutors won't prosecute him, but you have convicted him and sentenced him to lose his 'private citizen' status? How Liberal of you.

BTW what are you implying/meaning with the 'like that' statement?