Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Saturday non political post on Hockey and the Oilers.

With a game this afternoon against the Kings and the season ender against the Ducks tomorrow, the nightmare that was the 2009-2010 season for the Edmonton Oilers is almost over. With 514 man games lost due to injury, including our top player Hemsky and our #1 goaltender Khabibulin, this season was a complete disaster and the Oilers have ended up in last place.

OK enough on the negative stuff lets look at some hope for the future.

The draft: Finishing last gives us a 48% chance of drafting #1, and if we miss that, a 100% chance of drafting #2, and with this years crop of draft choices I am not sure their will be much of a benefit by drafting first over second. Will it be Seguin or will it be Hall? That we will have to wait until June to know for sure but either one of these guys will be a great help to the Oilers and the future.

Next year we can expect to see Jordan Eberle, the hero of our national junior team, make his way onto the roster along with a guy that few people know about, Linus Omark.

I am not sure if he will be able to transition to the NHL, but as you can see from the following videos, the boy has some hands. FYI Omark has put up more points playing on Moscow Dynamo than Ovechkin did when he was playing for them. ( I know it means little, but it is interesting)

Shoot out goal vs Switzerland.

Another highlight reel goal.

Highlight reel from 2008/2009

With 2009-2010 out of the way the future looks bright for the Oilers.

I wonder when this guy will be eligible for the draft!


Archie said...

The problem with Linus Omark is that he is another small player and Edmonton is stock full of skilled small players. They've been pushed around for the last 2 years due to their size. They need the size to make the room for these small player to play.
The number one thing the Oilers need to due is dump that bum Horcoff. I don't care how they do it, but just punt his sorry butt off the team, then draft Seguin to replace him.

CanadianSense said...

I can only hope Toronto is allowed an NHL team soon.

I was excited with Hamiliton being promoted. From Oakville it would have been a 20 minute drive a few hundred less to watch a game.

Ardvark said...

It's over! 530 man games lost to injury and a whopping 62 points.

Patrick Ross said...

I don't think Linus Omark will make the Oilers.

I think the lineup for next year winds up looking something like this:

Hemsky Horcoff Penner
Eberle Gagner Hall
Pajaarvi-Svensson Cogliano Brule
Jacques/Jones/Stone Potulny Stort

Gilbert Whitney
Smid Souray
Chorney Strudwick

Khabibulin Dubnyk

Which means, as painful as it will be, it's time for Ethan Moreau to ride down the old dusty trail.

Ardvark said...

I should get my first round picks on the record.

Wash,Philly,Buffalo,Pittsburgh,San Jose, Chicago, Vancouver, Phoenix.

Ardvark said...

There is going to be plenty of opportunity to trade for that size.

I wonder who we have that Boston might be interested in?????