Monday, April 12, 2010

Alberta Liberal leaves the party, nobody notices

or cares?

On the local scene:

Dave Taylor, the party’s former deputy leader, the Calgary MLA many Liberals wanted as their top gun 16 months ago, will sit as an independent beginning Monday.
“I’m not doing this to get David Swann. It seems to me David Swann is doing just a fine job of getting himself,” says Taylor, who finished second to Swann in a leadership battle at the end of 2008.

“I’ve given him 16 months to lead, to show me, the party and Albertans what he stands for and I’m still waiting. He drifted. I don’t know why he drifted. I don’t know if he’s aware the extent he’s drifting.”

More bad news for a party that recently tossed around the idea of changing their name from "liberal".

Nobody cared about that either.


maryT said...

Taylor is on Rutherford trying to justify his actions. I hope he does not run for the WRA, as he can't be trusted. I never liked him as a talk show host. Wonder what he would have done as libeal leader. No one is asking him that question.

CanadianSense said...

I was under the impression the word Liberal was indentified as hate speech in Alberta.

Albertans are much more tolerant than led to believe by those big fancy papers in Toronto allude.

Question Period is going to be funny today.

Kelly's NP post nailed it. All the BS for 4 years and the remants of the party can't hold above Dion 2008 numbers.

Can you imagine if the CPC pulled the plug. The coalition is going to be their only option with the Bloc.

Bec said...

At least Dave Taylor has a personality unlike Dr Swann who makes Ed Stelmach look down right jovial.

No as soon as Swann won the Liberal leadership I knew they were in trouble and would be in the big Alberta wilderness soon. He is as dull as a wet dishrag and competely visionless.

Liberals just never seem to learn anywhere in this country!

Joe said...

Never let it be said that I am a liberal but when they elected Swann over Taylor my jaw hit the floor. I guess enough liberals believed their best option was Stelmach and so they voted to keep the liberal party in the wilderness for an extended period of time while liberal Special Ed ran the province into the ground. Taylor was dangerous. After all he sought input from the Oil and Gas industry over royalties.

skyhook8 said...

Here's hoping he won't be returning to talk radio anytime. He's just slightly annoying.

Patrick Ross said...

I'm sure Renew Alberta and the Alberta Party have been peppering Taylor's office with phone calls.