Tuesday, April 13, 2010

That is a good question Mr. Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff asked a good question yesterday.

Well, who's the third party? I mean they've simply got to come clean here with Canadians,” Ignatieff told reporters outside the House of Commons.

When dealing with 'third parties' one can never be too careful; so what would you do Michael if you were Prime Minister?

Say you had an MP, lets use Wayne Easter as an example, who happened to receive allegations from a third party against another MP that some would consider serious enough that they would warrant a call for that MPs resignation.

So what would you do Michael? Would you demand that your MP come clean with Canadians and identify the third party making those allegations, as you currently are of the PM, or would you just ignore it and hope nobody noticed?

BTW Michael, we noticed.


maryT said...

Another thing we noticed is that Quebec liberal politicians are in trouble again for so called corruption. Is it just liberals, or is it Quebec liberals, prov and federal from Quebec who think all govt money is theirs.

Lynn said...

Mary T,it's Liberals in general, and especially Quebec Liberals.

Sometimes it almost appears that the Liberal Party of Quebec is an arm of the Montreal mafia,what with their close relationships with guys like Alphonso Gagliano and Joe Morselli, but I'm sure that's just the appearance, not the fact.

And Ignatieff doesn't have to be PM to answer for Easter's allegations,if he claimed a third party witness, let him name him,same as he demands from Harper.


Jen said...

When Ignatieff stood before the reporters to say

“Well, who's the third party? I mean they've simply got to come clean here with Canadians,” Ignatieff told reporters outside the House of Commons.

"Come clean you say Ignatieff? " what about your party the LPOC, they have yet to 'come clean' to return the millions of dollars nor have they repaid in full the E.I which unfortunately canadians, and us reporters had repay by the rise of premiums and what's hurt Ignatieff, there was no recession at the time. So once again, come clean and give canadians back their money."

Unfortunately, there is not a reporter who would 'stand up' to the liberals and the crap which they pull. COWARDS.

Bec said...

Hey Mike, WHO was the anonymous THIRD PARTY that wrote that cowardly letter to your 'doorknob cop'?

Just askin' Mikey boy and I'm straining to hear the answer!

Here's betting that this is another one of those made in Liberal land, double standards.

maryT said...

A real reporter would have asked iggy, when he made that stmt, who wrote the letter to Easter, will you release that third party name. Canadians have a right to know.

Anonymous said...

In conversation with Dan Matheson on CTV Newsnet this morning, Robert Fife gave us some revealing information. If there is any doubt that Fife considers himself an integral part of the opposition, he just clarified it himself in the statement when he said "we" as being an inclusive part of the opposition. Robert Fife is too experienced a journalist, to not select his words carefully, to give viewers the wrong impression, so we must conclude that what he said is what he meant - he had many opportunities to correct himself all morning if he had wished to do so since the report was carried numerous times. We can't assume this was a Freudian slip.

In regards to the Guergis affair and Question Period Dan Matheson asked Fife

Dan Matheson - "Did the opposition get any satisfaction yesterday out of the government - did they get any more information - were they stonewalled?

Robert Fife - "The only thing we got is that there was a third party that came to the Prime Minister with these allegations"

The_Iceman said...

So the ethics commish is not going to investigate, at least until after the RCMP investigation. Before Tories start claiming any victory, the ethics investigation has to be suspended during police investigations, and if the RCMP finds evidence of a criminal offense, then the ethics commish can re-open the case.

Technically the PM should have gone to the RCMP to investigate before sending the allegations to the ethics czar.

Single Malt Scotch said...

With Iffy this statement always seems to resonate when he opens his mouth. "You know not of what you speak."

CanadianSense said...

Another astute observation.

Michael Ignatieff used a letter from a 3rd party in calling for a resignation of the junior minister.

Why won't the Liberals come clean and stop hiding the truth about the indentity of the third party?

Apparently gothcha, foot in the mouth disease is contagious on the opposition side of parliament.

Anonymous said...

Marlene Jennings is vulnerable on another front - they do have a lot of nerve to be critical but MSM covers for them rather than exposing them as the frauds they are.

Marlene Jennings (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce--Lachine) - Jennings’ own husband, Luciano Del Negro, was appointed by the Liberals to the Immigration and Refugee Board (Canada Gazette, Vol. 139, No. 22 — May 28, 2005)

L said...

How is the Ruby Dhalla investigation going? Interesting that the CPC are happy to leave the matter to her constituents and authorities.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff's juvenile antics are even starting to p--s of Don Martin of National Post and that takes some doing. In his column Martin takes a swipe at Ignatieff's record and character and writes

"...Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff now refers to Helena Guergis as "Mrs. Jaffer," a cheap tactic to smear a woman who goes by her maiden name. Perhaps Conservatives should refer to Mr. Ignatieff as Mr. Zsohar, given that his wife Zsuzsanna goes by the name on her birth certificate, but having met her I'd say her name would link to a character improvement...'


Anonymous said...

Does it make sense to anyone because I can't get my head around this, or is this just an incredible story that Liberals and some members of the media are trying to spin. Snowdy claims to have information on Guergis, in the midst of her problems, and at which time the Liberals have been making all kinds of insinuations and smears of her character on a daily basis, and Liberals say they are looking for answers including who is the third party. Liberals say Canadians have a right to know all the details.
Someone (Snowdy) comes forward to the Liberals with information he has on Guergis, and he is told to get lost, don't bother us, and nobody wants to speak to him. I am not a turnip, and this is an insult to everyone's intelligence that this version of events is plausible and we should put any faith in its' veracity.