Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kory Teneycke Zings Jane Taber

Kory Teneycke on Twitter "Don't recall Jane Taber pointing out I was a "paid commentator" when I worked at CTV."

Jane is not big on 'details' Kory; if you notice nowhere in her story does she mention that little detail about Graves giving $11,000 to the Liberals over the last few years.

Related: From BC Blue:
'Oh please… sure, he may not be paid the $200 for those appearances but how much is he getting to be CBC’s in-house pollster?'


Anonymous said...

Jane is not 'big on brains' period. (real conservative)

Bec said...

Does this mean that Jane does QP for free? If she fills in on PP, is that out of the goodness of her heart?

"Not big on brains" is an understatement. She is also cold, conniving and manipulative, especially cold, imo. The reason that I quit supporting CTV is because of Jane. The rest of them followed later but she is the worst journalist that I have ever read or watched.

Ardvark said...

As usual it is only half of the story. This is why the MSM is losing readership and influence, and why the opposite is happening with blogs and other media.

hunter said...

Kory is a breath of fresh air and therefore will be fired, while Graves is kept on.

I find it really funny that everyone watched Duffy, and really liked him. None of us knew he was a Conservative, showing how non-partisan he really was. The minute he was appointed to the Senate, the lefties went ballistic! But before that, they loved him! HA! Maybe we need more hidden weapons like Duffy.

Ardvark said...

The CBC has not been my favorite Crown Corporation lately, but they do have Teneycke so there is some hope.

Bec said...

Are we not all so tired of these media drive-bys? It's what brought so many of us to the blogs. I find myself getting irritated now at the blow by blows by posters at various blogs because it is the same stuff everyday.

Are the childish media doing it on purpose? Are they reading the blogs for their material?

I'm really starting to wonder who the REAL journalists are.

I have had my diehard newspaper reading hubby say "wow look at this" and it's 3 or 4 days old.

The only thing new in the newspapers are the latest car crashes or stabbings. The rest is the Jane Giggles type of journalism.

Our evening news is the same except for what has been "Fifed".. so are we the problem too?
I think they know it riles us up.

CanadianSense said...

I agree with BEC,

the shift to TMZ news by our media has turned many of us off for a very long time.

I tune into MSM TMZ after a blog post points me to check it out.

I don't enjoy watching the yellow journalism, bias, spin being manufactured on silly non issues masquerading as news.

Opinion, column pieces are different I do look for insight or a pattern.

We have significant issues and files that the MSM could investigate but they are reduced to wallow in the muck with the opposition.

The decision to restrict access, protect communication from the early days of this minority government has not been forgiven by the mandarins in the PPG.

The writing reflects their bitterness and new relationship with this minority government that restricts unfiltered, inconsistent information.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some kind of stupid facebook petition is in order. Canadians against bias media, or Canadians against tabloid media, or Canadians against bias tabloid media, aka CBC.

Blame Crash said...

The fraudulent Toronto media had ditched “bias” long ago. They’ve now morphed into being full frontal, bald faced liars. They’re doing what they’ve always done and that is following in the goosesteps of the fraudulent American media.

They are the “Pravda” of our times.

Anonymous said...

I think the Conservatives should take even more shots at the Liberal owned and operated CBC. I DON'T WANT MY TAX DOLLARS MIS-USED FOR THE CBC TO SPEND ON LIBERAL PROPOGANDA, If the CBC doesn't like it and still wants to be a Liberal propoganda machine then use their own money and taxpayers stop funding them. 110 365Report Abuse

Thsi is an example of the comments and 110 disagreeded and 365 hits agreed with this posting.
What gives with the Globe and Mail readers? Are they crazy in Toronto?

jad said...

The point here is really not about who is or is not a Liberal, it's about disclosure.

Teneycke is always introduced as a former communications director of the PM, but Susan Smith, who was always called a Liberal strategist when Don Newman was around is inow introduced as "a principal with Bluesky Communications", Ian Capstick, who is an NDP strategist is also introduced by his company's name, not his political affiliation.

Anyway, to paraphrase Tom Clark for once, all this might be really important - if anyone actually watched CBC.

Anonymous said...

A facebook group is fine to protest, but best of all is to approach advertisers in the media. They pay the bills and all corporate types are very nervous about pressure and whether they are spending $ correctly on advertising and reaching their 'target groups.' (real conservative)