Monday, April 19, 2010

More on Bill C-232. This time from a retired SC Justice.

"What galls me," says retired Supreme Court justice John Major, "is that people like Bob Rae and Ignatieff vote for it."

According to Justice Major, that (Bill C232) would eliminate most of the current court, "In the present court, there's a fair number who can carry on a conversation in French," says Major. "But there are only three completely bilingual judges."

"Bob Rae is a trained lawyer, he was a Rhodes Scholar, he's an intelligent man, he knows the pros and cons of all this and he should have known better. And Ignatieff is the leader of the opposition who supposedly has the interest of the whole country but he's pandering to this New Brunswick motion."



Jen said...

That's right Bob Rae is so bright that he bankrupt his own province when he was the ndp premier of ontario.
And Ignatieff who claims to be a writer has to study 'facts' before he writes does not have a clue that the facts shows that the liberal party of canada still owe canadians millions of dollars, took millions for their own personal use and so on. yet these facts are oblivious to him.

Any idiot with an ounce of intelligence can read into the LPOC and their crappy media.

Bec said...

This is a VERY BIG deal and would for all intents and purposes eliminate western Canadian representation. I have heard the verbal argument regarding this motion and it was very compelling. I have yet to hear the pro side offer the same.

The work is done by the time it gets to the Superior Court stage and their is absolutely no damn rhyme or reason for this motion.

Is it not more important to have QUALIFIED LEGAL representation than QUALIFED linguists? What a bunch of stupid, non thinking idiots these MP's are!

Spin Assassin said...

I can't wait to throw these guys out on their asses.

Ardvark said...

Let us hope that the chamber of sober second thought fixes this messed up piece of legislation.

NB Tory Gal said...

And to think it was put in simply because the NDP MP is french, loves french and cannot see past his nose and did not think out all of the ramifications of it...but to have all the rest of the opposition members voting solely because they want to stick it to conservatives to show their absolutely insane. None of these people deserve, or should ever have, the keys to the privy council or to run the government. They have showed us through many votes what they really are. You talk about putting Canada on it's backside fast...this is one of the ways. Off...Off with their heads !!! --to the tower they go....!!!

We need to speak up more on this one..and I rather doubt the Senate will do their sober second thought..they too, at least in times past, want to stick it to the conservatives too.

MadTrucker said...

"Bob Rae is a trained lawyer, he was a Rhodes Scholar, he's an intelligent man, he knows the pros and cons of all this and he should have known better."

Nope, can't agree with that one at all. Rae is an incorrigible, hardcore, true-believer socialist, and that downgrades intelligence to cunning, and utterly precludes even a shred of common sense. If you lived in Ontario through his nightmare reign as premier, there would be no way that you could ever bring yourself to put those words into print knowing the appalling fallacy they represent.

"If you give an idiot an education, all you end up with is an educated idiot." That's a quote from Will Rogers, I believe. So very, very true.

fernstalbert said...

This is sheer mischief on the part of the NDP and Liberals. The power shift is happening with additional seats in the west. So the opposition claims the Supreme Court as their own to shoreup their entitlements. Wouldn't a majority government be able to repeal or modify this idiot legislation? Since when does a brilliant legal mind need to think in both English and French? How about Chinese, Urdu, or perhaps Cree? Cheers.