Thursday, April 22, 2010

The CBC Responds. Part 2.

The CBC has again responded to my calling out of Scott Reid back on April 1, 2010 when he said:

"He (Kory Teneycke) along with that, sort of, you know, paid professional brigand of ah, of ah bloggers that work for the Conservative Party; those guys can mobilize a grassroots movement in the snap of a fingers......"

Their first response can be read here.

This time the reply was from Esther Enkin, Executive Editor CBC News who notes that Reid's comment about conservative bloggers being paid was not factual.

"They are not, of course. He was wrong,...... We regret the error."

Enkin commented that the matter has been discussed with Mr. Reid, that my e-mails on the matter were brought to his attention, adding "I do not expect him to apologize, as you suggested he should. However, at an early opportunity, when the subject of partisan blogs comes up again on the program, I expect Mr. Reid will correct his earlier remarks."

So this being Thursday, the normal day for the "Point of Order" segment to run, it might be worth it to tune in to "Power and Politics" today and see what our good friend Scott Reid has to say. Even if the subject does not come up today, I hear that Frank "I told them to invoke a culture war" Graves will be on the show going head to head with Kory Teneycke. Which in itself should be well worth the price of admission to see.

So please tune in to P&P this afternoon on the CBC News Network.


UPDATE: Scott Reid's error continues to live on as NO correction was made today.

UPDATE April 29th: Another week passes and still no correction. What exactly does "at an early opportunity" mean in CBC language anyway? If we are waiting for the caveat about the topic of partisan blogs to come around, I suspect that I will be waiting a long time as I have never heard that topic brought up since Newman left.


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Ann said...

The first time since Evan Solomon took over that it was worth watching CBC's political show.

Anonymous said...

Kory does a great job.

His precise clarification, at the beginning of his response, highlights what some observers would like to see on these political shows.

That would be that ALL guests and media hosts need to clarify their personal connections to political parties or operatives.

Then we can decide who has skin in the game for ourselves.

Soloman may also not want to acknowledge that many viewers cringe when he tries to have us believe that the CBC vets all polls to take out bias. Nice try, Evan!

Ardvark said...

Hmmm, nothing today from Scott on his 'misleading' statement.

Now I have to watch again next week.

All is not lost though. Kory did a great job hammering Graves over his Liberal slant and his advice to the Liberal Party.

maryT said...

OT but just visited Election Target to see how many votes Wayne Easter got last election.
8312 people voted for him, and 7388. voted for the Conservative. Imagine being elected as an MP with only 8312 votes, and our candidates in AB or Ont get that many votes before coffee time and have to wait for hours.
The rest of the candidates got around 3500 total.
Should be an easy pick up for us next time around. But some think he will win again due to his stand on agriculture.
With results like that it makes a lot of sense to give AB, BC and ONT more seats.

Fay said...

Evan Soloman only announces your connection to a political party if you are not Liberal!!!!
CBC liberal all the time.

maryT said...

Have you read this.

Seems the CPC has written to the CBC to complain about Graves comments on what the liberals should do.
Could this be the beginning of the end for massive funding for the CBC unless they start reporting accurately instead of being in the liberal pocket.
We can hope.

wilson said...

Adrian is working on an all Conservative news site!

Anonymous said...

'The media is the enemy.' Marshall McConservative. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Ya but, ya but, ya but.... Harper is mean.