Friday, April 23, 2010

The latest from Ardvark Polling Research:

(Re-posted due to bad link on BT page.)

The conservatives are still ahead.

And now for some free and unsolicited opinion and advice:

I have empirical proof that statistically there is a higher incidence of inmates who vote for the Liberal Party than for the conservatives. That does not mean that Liberals are criminals but it does mean that criminals are more statistically likely to end up in that party than other places.

For those satirically challenged: President of EKOS Frank Graves:

I do believe, and this gets more subtle, that there is a higher incidence of people who are less tolerant to homosexuals and more wary of other races, within the Conservative Party. I can demonstrate that empirically."

That does not mean that Conservatives or Albertans are homophobic or xenophobic, but it does mean that many people, and more people statistically that have those points of view, end up in that party than in other places."


CanadianSense said...


The beauty of a Liberal mind.

BT's are having too much fun. I am suprised how Lib blogs has not risen to defend Ekos Pollster comments.

So much for loyalty.

Ardvark said...

Arrgg. The BT link is still messed up for some reason.

Maybe Stephen Taylor thinks I have gone over to the dark side. (they have better dental)

Patrick Ross said...

Considering what Graves has already recommended, I think a great many Canadians will be wanting to see Graves' data, see his sample size, see the questions that were asked, and how.

I read a story about Graves today where he actually described himself as politically moderate.

Yup. All us moderates dream of cultural warfare. Twit.

Blame Crash said...

I had to link to this site from the BT list on the left hand side of the Blogging Tories site.

I was directed to HTTP 404 when I linked to this particular post.

Blame Crash said...

The Gliberal and Leftard position is it's not only acceptable, but it's quite fashionable to be a bigot when it comes to Albertans and all things "Alberta”. They belch out their bigotry and in the very next sentence they’ll start blathering on about how tolerant they are. You see this sort of thing time and time again.

Of course these Toronto leftards came by this idea from the same place they get all their ideas from. It’s the same place they recruited that clown that they had crowned leader. That would be the USA, or more specifically, the American Democratic Party. They even get their Anti-American talking points from them. Your typical Toronto liberal would drop onto all four if any of the big shot Ugly American like Al Gore, Norm Chomsky or Michael Moore told them to. The American Prog dirt bags hate and loath Texas, so the Canadian chimps ape what they see the US turds do. The result is they do the same to Albertans and Alberta.. It’s as simple as that.

Ain’t no bigot like a leftard bigot.

Blame Crash said...

The Liberal Party of Toronto and the Fraudulent Media of Toronto can be best described as "Monkey see, Monkey do".

Practically everything they do, say and think is imported from the American Democratic Party. Compare what this pollsters has recommended that the Liberals do, and compare it with what the Obama regime is doing, and voila!! Monkey see, Monkey do!!!

maryT said...

Any comment from Graves on the Ipso poll numbers, cons 35% libs 29% ndp 20%
And these results after all the raffer crap.

Ardvark said...

MaryT your initial comment was toasted when I re-posted this, sorry about that.

Ipso was the most accurate poll for the last election. EKOS not so much.

Anonymous said...

It's still a bad link AA..Came in through the back door but the front door is CLOSED!


Anonymous said...

Toast are not working yet.
Back door through google.

Ardvark said...

It seems to be back up now.

Bec said...

No you aren't. Bud!..but at least I can log in now...

Back door entry still,

AA Tested a dozen sites and it's this site on BT.

CanadianSense said...

Angus was most accuate, Ekos 2nd, Strategic Counsel 7th (Peter Donolo)

Ispos Reid was 4th.

Every Pollster under polled CPC results. Nik Nanos had good explanation.

Thanksgiving Sunday around the table family friends, last day surge CPC at ballotbox.
I have highlights of Nik Nanos October 15,2010 election recap interview in Groundhog day videoclip.

Single Malt Scotch said...

I feel threatened and demeaned. Sounds like he is making hateful statements about me that could cause others to harm me. What is that CHRC phone number again? Anyone have it?

Anonymous said...

After the parliamentary committee is done with Jaffer, I wonder if they could summon Frank Graves of EKOS Research, for examination of his conduct and his relationship, with the CBC and the Liberal party, before the RCMP are asked to launch an investigation, on behalf of Canadian taxpayers. I expect the CBC ombudsman, ethics commissioner and the Auditor General should also be summoned to investigate apparent conflict and possible fraud involving taxpayer funds.
In view of recent statements and revelations, once Canadians learn that Graves’ firm is paid by the CBC (funded by the Canadian taxpayer) and that Graves has contributed $11,042.72 to the Liberal Party, and contributed to the leadership campaigns of Ignatieff and Bob Rae and has been the recipient of 61 million dollars of government (taxpayer monies) contracts from the Liberals in return, Canadians will seek and demand some answers.
Canadian taxpayers are much too astute, to be duped by Graves’ clumsy and inept attempt, to claim he also contributed to the Conservatives, when on a cursory examination we find that contribution was a paltry 449 dollars to a Conservative candidate. This calculated deceitful ploy may have allowed him to publicly state that he contributed to both political parties ( hoping details would not be divulged) but it did not stand up as being candid and scrupulous, on close detailed inspection.
Recent reports in the media of his actions, and his own statements in interviews, has opened this can of worms, so appropriate players must now deal with it, since millions of taxpayer’s dollars are involved, and these are not allegations and innuendo but are a matter of fact.
Can we expect that Pat Martin will ask Graves if he received cocaine as payment for services rendered either from the Liberal party or from the CBC?

maryT said...

I think the cbc and Graves are absolutely shocked that his stmts and involvement with the liberal party has people upset. For too many years the cbc and Graves have been able to say and do what they want with no problem.
I also think the cbc, by hiring the token conservative Kory, has shocked them that he will fight back. I think they believed all the media they spread when Kory left the PMO's staff. Did they expect him to be another Tom Flanagan. Who will be the first to go, Graves or Kory. Should the cbc cancel Kory, watch for the outrage and accusations that they are in the liberals pocket.
I would love to see the cbc have to defend itself before a parliamentary committee. Or better yet, a public inquiry.

CanadianSense said...

I wonder if a class action lawsuit on behalf of old white angry men in Alberta can seek damages through the HRC for hurt feelings.

I know Ezra is not old but he does angry so well!

maryT said...

Wonderful idea, my hubby is in. Ezra not only does angry well but is very familiar with the HRC. Go for it.

CanadianSense said...


did lame humour movie poster with Ezra, hope he enjoys it.

Ardvark said...

CS thanks for the correction on the polling results.

Bec, there were 2 links on the BT page, one of them was fixed. I just hope that the link for my next entry works from the start.

Sorry for the mix ups.