Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Firearms registry Bill C 391 and the list of marked men.

I suspect that somewhere on the wall in the office of the OLO is an old style wanted poster containing the following names.

Lib Scott Andrews (Avalon)
Lib Larry Bagnell (Yukon)
Lib Jean-Claude D'Amours (Madawaska—Restigouche)
Lib Wayne Easter (Malpeque)
Lib Keith Martin (Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca)
Lib Anthony Rota (Nipissing—Timiskaming)
Lib Todd Russel (Labrador)
Lib Scott Simms (Bonavista—Gander—Grand Falls—Windsor)

Their crime? Voting their conscience.

And Ignatieff is going to make sure that does not happen again. (Or at least he is going to try.)

BTW: What makes Ignatieff think that he is going to have any more luck this time than he has had in the past?

Related: With all of this talk again on party discipline and consequences, has anyone in the media followed up on the consequences handed out the last time certain Liberal MPs stabbed their leader in the back? OR would that simple task be asking too much of our every vigilant media?


Anonymous said...

Urban Conservatives are at risk for losing their seats too. The Conservatives have milked this issue for great gain in rural Canada but they can't form a majority without winning urban seats. Watch Harper to be low key on this and leave it to Vic Toews and oter to carry the can. In the lomng run this is a losing issue for the Conservatives.

Alberta Girl said...

Hey Anony....guess you are one of those "urban" voters, huh.

Guess what, this is NOT a losing issue.

I hope Harper makes it a confidence motion - then watch Iffy back down.

Ardvark said...

Damn those PRIVATE MEMBERS bills and the long standing tradition of allowing MPs to vote their conscience.

Who needs that pesky democracy thing,Ignatieff has a better way.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Zzzzzz trying to link the CPC and the Gov to the protester down in the states. Zzzzz-strategy that has not been notices by the lefty coalition loving Harper hating media.

Bert said...

Sheesh, and Liberals say that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a dictator.

frmgrl said...

Umm...wasn't he going to discipline those MPs who voted against the Liberals own abortion motion? Does anyone know if he ever did? I haven't heard anything.

The_Iceman said...

Is that Marlene Jennings wearing the giant sun glasses in Question Period?

CanadianSense said...

How many of these are vulnerable with a 5% or less gap in 2008?

ABL for close ridings should be interesting.

The anon conservative urban myth is fantasy. Canadians want useless government programs scrapped and less taxes.

Kelly McParland has a great post on the useless Liberal boondoggle.

Patrick Ross said...

I hope Ignatieff sets off a revolt in his caucus over this issue.

Anything to smarten him up at this point.

Ardvark said...

Patrick, another revolt?

Give the guy a break ;)

Anonymous said...

Canadians want useless program scrapped and lower taxes? Harper definitely is not the guy to deliver on that. What good is it to cut taxes when Harper is running record deficits? Harper is incapable of cutting programs... his poor track record has shown that. Giving tax cuts while running deficits is simply passing on debt to our kids. Frankly we need politicians who can deliver balanced budgets like Klein and Martin did a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Where have you guys been? Harper has been running ironfisted whipped votes for 4 years. Freevotes was a reform idea that abandoned by Harper a long time ago.

maryT said...

The conservatives have started a campaign targeting those 8 liberals via radio ads etc. (bourque)

CanadianSense said...

That's great news, 8 more Liberals that won't be coming back after the next election. (69 more to fire!)

Ardvark said...

Anon,or would you prefer that I call you Liberal troll, @ 1:49 and 1:52.

Nice try. If Iggy or the coup plotters would have succeeded you know that we would be in much worse shape debt wise then we are now, and bringing up Martin,the guy who downloaded it all onto the provinces, is an insult to the inelegance of my readers.

Also you know just as well as anyone that private members votes are rarely whipped.

Go troll elsewhere.

CanadianSense said...

When identifying a Liberal Troll you should post city, or their I.P. so other Tory Bloggers can look at their logs for a pattern.

I think they are a demoralized and fading force.

I have this groupie from Winnipeg visits my blog 20x a day.

Anonymous said...

I wrote Liberal MP Keith Martin asking him to stand with his constituents as he has done in the past ---NOPE! He responded that he is voting to KEEP THE GUN REGISTRY! I am disgusted! This, as well as the fact that he absented himself from the budget vote, should be out there in BOLD PRINT. How is this representing the constituents of his riding (of which I am one)?
I feel betrayed! Is there any link which can support that the Chief of Police in Toronto (also Chief of the Police Assoc.) is paid to lobby for the IT company that manages the gun registry? The CBC keeps interviewing him and because he is FOR the gun registry, so this is Keith's Martin's excuse to support it.
P.S. Great interview with Charles Adler and a police officer on his site (charlesadler.com) Apparently in an on-line poll across Canada, 2300 police officers do NOT want the gun registry while only 200 support it. They say it is incomplete and not up to date.