Friday, September 24, 2010

Rosemary Barton responds with fallacious reasoning

The CBC Rosemary Barton finally responds to comments she made on live TV during the long gun registry vote. See blog post on the quote here and listen to the actual quote for yourself.

The original quote: " may be fair to point out that the Conservatives are whipped on their position here, so even of there was a Conservative MP from Quebec that didn't feel comfortable taking this position they would be forced to vote ah with their party in the same way the Liberals were."

Here is what she had to say today on Twitter. (my thoughts in parenthesis)

From BC Blue: @RosieBarton Rosie, is it true you called the Con caucus "whipped" on the Registry vote?

RB Reply@bcbluecon I said they were voting along party lines. Is that wrong?  (that is not what she said)

My reply@RosieBarton Actually you said CPC "are whipped on their position here... forced to vote with their party in the same way the Liberals were.

RB: @Albertaardvark do you have proof that's wrong?  (No proof for her statements, asks me to disprove her words instead)

My reply: @RosieBarton I know it is wrong but I didn't make the statement. BTW do u have any proof for your allegation?

RB: @Albertaardvark well, I guess we'll just disagree on what we know then. Cuz I'm not sharing either.

My reply: @RosieBarton So U will not offer proof of YOUR statement but it is up 2 me 2 disprove what u stated.Is that how accountability is done @CBC? 

Wow. The logic she is using  is mind blowing. No proof or defense of her own statement but rather she calls on me to disprove her words! I believe that this would be called fallacious reasoning and I can't seem to find it anywhere in the CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices.

Try that same logic with this one Rosie:
I say that the CBC has many Satan worshipers in its employ.*    Prove me wrong! 

The burden of proof lies with the person making the affirmative statement, and should not be placed on someone else to disprove that statement, which in the case of Satan worshipers at the CBC or the existence of unicorns would be impossible to do.

I thought I did a good job of showing why there was no need to whip the CPC to vote for what is a CORE policy of the party on this vote in my original post but let me add another quick point. Michael Ignatieff is out on record, multiple times, saying that he is whipping the Liberal vote, there is no record of PM Stephen Harper doing likewise. Does that sound like CPC MP's were "forced to vote ah with their party in the same way the Liberals were."

* exaggeration  for effect. Or was it. Prove me wrong.

UPDATE: Rosie, who it appears can't take criticism or defend her own statements, has blocked me from following her on Twitter.  Stay classy Rosie.

Latest Update 25 Sept: Rosie has now Protected ALL of her Tweets from being viewed. You now have to be one of the elite few selected by her to have the pleasure of seeing what she does while at work at the CBC on your dime.



Hinchey's Store said...

Hey, if you're anything like Barton, when I ask you why you wrote that, and if you can prove it, I bet your answer will be, 'I never wrote that. Prove it's not true, and just so you know, I never wrote that.'

It's actually a pretty compelling argument.

CanadianSense said...

I ran into a similar Unicorn spotter named T of kw demanding I prove the CPC are not playing wedge politics with LGR.

At least RB didn't resort to cyber bullying tactics (ad hominem) after losing the argument.

The demolition of T of KW is

Anonymous said...

How childish to block you because she got caught making stuff up on the air. You should wear your being blocked like a badge of honor.

Martin said...

Yes I saw the segment on P%P and was not surprised. Barton is one of the very worst CBC reporters. She is obviously a Liberal proponent, but makes not the slightest effort to appear objective. She does this because she has complete belief that no one will question her, or stop her. In this, in the short term, she is absolutely correct.

Anonymous said...

Rosie O'Barton reported that the registry only cost $4 million a year instead of the truth, $66 million a year.

I heard she ate a baby at a Satanic ritual, I wonder if she has any proof that she didn't?

Ardvark said...

And when found out, deny, use fallacious arguments, and block criticism.

JDot said...

Um, ya, I have not seen a smack down like that in awhile...

Honestly, WTF...

I am not going to lie, I think Rosie is a flake and non to bright(Her Obama coverage backs this up). But she is the epitome of someone, who is digging a hole on this..

Wow, just wow...

I have to say it, Rosie comments are cringe worthy. Reading this post is like watching a car crash...

I cannot believe my Tax dollars are paying this persons salary. Wow, just wow..

Joanne (BLY) said...

I unfollowed Rosie quite a while ago. Couldn't stomach her tweets.

The other thing about this whole whipping aspect is how many Conservative MPs said they would vote to preserve the gun registry when they were campaigning?

None, right? The same can't be said about the turncoat Libs and Dippers.

Anonymous said...

It is not possible for a CBC reporter to stay neutral and objective and stay on the CBC payroll. Anyone who is not a Lib or NDP aupporter does not last very long. We should never be surprised at the CBC bias funded by all taxpayers. Very offensive.

Anonymous said...

The extreme left’s, and CBC’s wing nut passion in fighting against the abolishment of the extremely costly long gun registry is additional confirmation that “Mother Corp” is in reality the propaganda arm of the left-wing Liberal and/or NDP. As it normally does, the CBC has taken an extreme left-wing perspective on the issue and continuously rolls out wacko proponents of the tax producing, wasteful, and useless registry which targets hunters and rural farmers, but certainly not criminals who don’t register their weapons that they steal. After wasting billions of tax dollars, experts now estimate that another billion dollars will be wasted to register the remaining guns owned by these law biding farmers and hunters, even though all rational persons apprehend that the registry doesn’t save lives; it is a tool to criminalize innocent hunters and farmers.

The CBC’s far-left, affirmative action bimbos allege to have exposed a conspiracy between the rational Canadians who support eradication of the wasteful, ineffective and worthless registry and the American NRA, whom of course in their eyes are immoral. For their next con job these wide-eyed bimbos will be suggesting an invasion!

If Canada only had a legitimate small-c conservative Prime Minister he would eradicate both of these pathetic, useless, expensive, wasteful institutions which are embarrassments to the country. When Parliament votes to keep the wasteful registry, Harper should begin shutting down both of these humiliations by defunding them as part of his deficit cutting program.


Ardvark said...

Why is it so hard for Rosemary and some others in the MSM to ever admit they made an error?

No no, can't ever admit error; better to first claim you said something different, then when caught don't defend your words but rather challenge others to prove you wrong, and finally just block out the challenges.(new update: Rosie has now protected ALL of her tweets from viewing) Or does she honestly believe that the CPC were whipped the "same" way the Liberals were?