Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This might just put all taxpayers on disability.

The federal government has more than 10,000 employees on some sort of disability and shells out $240 million a year on claims.  BTW The public service now has the dubious distinction of being one of the sickest workplaces in the country. So far this year, claims have climbed 20 per cent over last year when they hit historic highs.

Are they all milking the system? No, but some certainly are.


Anonymous said...

A very legitimate question to ask is -How much is enforced Official Bilingualism contributing to these stress related disabilities in the federal civil service?
Maybe their union can tell Canadians of this cost of Official Bilingualism to the Canadian taxpayer?

Ardvark said...

It doubt that it is bilingualism, the evil Harper gov't ( a bone for the lefty trolls), or even something like the workload, but it is IMHO unions run amok and a management that refuses, or couldn't be bothered, to fight back.

The mentality that a gov't job is a job for life is too deep to be turned back now.

wilson said...

When cops pull over a person for oh say disobeying a traffic sign,
when they run a person's licence plate,
the LGR automatically comes up, 'alerts' the officer
'heh, this guy has a registered long gun'.

Does the same happen to our Vet's medical records when their file number is accessed by bureaucrats?

Are both situations not an invasion of privacy?

wilson said...

And another ot/( sorry, it's raining)
It came out in committee that the collectors of the long form census have to make notes on any person who refuses to fill out the form.

The Census Police are instructed to note height, weight, tatoos, facial hair etc...
I refused to fill out the form,
where is the file describing my personal appearance kept?

How and why would the Census Police access my personal description file,
only if I win the go to jail census lottery?

Why did Warren Kinsella and I get an exemption from the census law, and 60 other Canadians were chased down?
Discrimination in the StatsCan bureaucracy?

Jeff said...

Watch resentment of private sector workers rise toward public sector employees. If you want to be respected by your peers, don't work for the gov't unless you're in police or hospital jobs.

I spoke to a provincial employee last month who's "retiring." I'm curious what his pension is -- he's not even 50 years old.

Anonymous said...

The unions have turned Maslow's famous hierarchy of needs upside down and focus only on the financial aspects...

Anonymous said...

There are hundreds if not thousands of federal employees who have not been promoted in the work place because they were not french speaking - even though they were able to do their job very well without knowing french but official bilingualism takes precedence in promotions in the federal civil service. Lot of good and capable employees lost out on promotions due to this short sighted policy and political correctness.

Anonymous said...

A lot of bleeding heart liberals are pissed that conservatives are running the country and trying to stick it to the man. (real conservative)