Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Godwins Law comes a calling for former LPC candidate

Ron McKinnon, current president of the Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam Federal Liberal Association and past candidate for the LPC had this to say in a blog post on Wednesday.

" This week the Harper government revealed plans for dealing with refugee vessels, citing concerns of human smuggling and trafficking... This brave new policy is sordidly familiar, akin to collaborating with the Nazis to stop the flight of Jews."

Seriously? Nazis.

Paging Michael Ignatieff...... Port Moody calling.

And no, I doubt he is thinking about George Soros.

ctv story.

CBC Story, with added bonus: check out the comments for those that agree with McKinnon.

Update: McKinnon responds, more like denies. Ignatieff and the LPC not so much.


hunter said...

Ard, shhhhh, don't alert the Liberals until they nominate this guy, then we can expose him for what he is!

Good catch!

Ardvark said...

They let any crackpot into that big red tent it seems.

CanadianSense said...

Another shadow cabinet prospect. Any chance he has seen burning crosses too?

maryT said...

Reminds me of the joke of the drunken husband coming home with lipstick on his collar and perfume odor, and meeting his wife at the door says, are you going to believe your eyes or what I tell you.

Anonymous said...

sadly this is not an isolated incident but typical of the liberal (and NDP) types

Calgary Junkie said...

Qu'elle surprise ... outrageous rhetoric coming from a Liberal, and the msm is asleep at the switch.

The unknown is: how will the reporters following Iggy around, deal with this kind of Liberal rhetoric during an election campaign ?

I remember when our war room put out that news release, during the 2004 election, suggesting that Paul Martin was soft on child pornographers, and all hell broke loose. Harper didn't apologize right away, and the media kept hounding him on the campaign trail, until he finally did.

Ardvark said...

Little media coverage on this. Too bad the quote wasn't in a drunken video tape made 20 years ago, then it would be news.


Harper's not too harsh, he's too soft!

Where I live, in Indonesia, the government has just announced the deportation of a bunch of illegals who agreed to go home, beciase they found the accommodations in this poor country were not to their liking. Maybe Canada could take a leaf out of their book.
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