Friday, September 17, 2010

The MSM catches up and Ignatieff spining history away.

The MSM finally catches with a story I broke almost 1 year ago about how PM Harper is in cahoots with the Montreal Canadians for what can be described only as nefarious purposes.

From the MSM Yesterday: “I believe that federal powers have taken over the Canadiens,” (PQ language critic Pierre Curzi) and “It helps federalism more than it does our interests,” (PQ Leader Pauline Marois) CBC, the Sun and the NP.

My posting from October of last year.*

Sources close to the Liberal Party have revealed to me that they are planning a press conference later today condemning the fabled NHL team, the Montreal Canadians, for this logo.
According to my source (Thanks Hedy) not only does the "C" look remarkably like the "C' on the current line up of Olympic apparel , the "H" in the middle obviously stands for "Harper".

*related to this.

Also related:

Michael Ignatieff showed us yesterday just how skilled he is at keeping a straight face while simultaneously speaking out of both sides of his mouth to the media.

"John’s not off to a great start, but we still have to take the high road. I have a responsibility to be tough but civil." and Canadians don’t like that kind of politics. That’s one of the reasons this guy’s in trouble,” Mr. Ignatieff says. “He thinks it’s all so clever to play these games. Canadians don’t think that’s clever, they think it’s stupid.”

Seriously, the leader of the Party that played political games with: (a small sampling from just this last year.)

the Olympic logo (see above)


the Jaffer story

the budget vote


photo contests

10% ers, H1N1 and FAKE body bags stories

stimulus spending (this one is still on-going)

the home renovation tax credit

threatening elections on principle and then denying it

wants us to believe that his is the party that is trying to make Parliament less toxic.

Sorry Mike but I am calling BS. A party, that to this day refuses to apologize for trumping up a made up story about a communion wafer at a funeral with which they used to try and make political hay out of, can't run around claiming to be the party of the high road and get away with it.

Why the media lets him get away with it I will never know.

More examples of the Liberal high road.


CanadianSense said...

Excellent Post.

We are on the same page, the media is enabling the culture war.

If they called out the cheap shot and gutter politics of each party equally, the morons in the war room would be much quieter.

It only harms us when the media is selective in their outrage.

cantuc said...

The media is our enemy . Yesterday they brought out the relatives and friends of the victims of 2 insane bastards that killed some women 20 and 15 years ago . The anchor dude ,Evan Solomon , was having one hell of a hard time . He actually looked sadder than the mother of one of the victims . The mother of the victim seemed sadder that the registry might be scrapped than the fact her daughter was killed 20 years ago . The friend of a victim had to force herself to look appropriately sad . Compressing her lips together and looking down for a second when Solomon tried twisting the knife into a long ago healed up wound didn't quite give the result he so desperately wanted . 20 years is a long time . Wounds heal . The registry is a failure . Stop using these people to push the liberals agenda.

Jen said...

Didn't you know, the taliban like watching CBC.

Cantuc, the victim card Evans play with? well the whole of canada are victims to the liberals corruption and none of us has been invited to our paid CBC.

The liberals, ndp the msm love to play themselves as victims. As this is their usual quote "It is not our fault"
Whatever they do to you is never their fault far less for any of them to offer an apology. Apology to the liberals and the media is a sign 'of weakness' therefore they do not apologize-but others have too.

Anonymous said...

Simple, the media is the Liberal party. Think in terms of Marshall McLuhan and you'll get it. (real conservative)