Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Liberal Party campaign 2011 signs out pre writ in Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont

The writ hasn't even dropped yet and Michael Butler,the former NDP candidate and now the current Liberal Candidate for Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont (sort of a one man coalition) , already has election signs up.

It is almost as if he is in a hurry to lose,

and with cheesy slogans like that he and his current party certainly will.

At least wait until the writ is dropped Michael; you are looking a little desperate by jumping the gun.

Your thoughts on the signs and their almost laughable tag lines?

Some background on Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont (courtesy of the best political information web site in Canada, Pundits Guide)


hunter said...

Elect for federal government? Yikes! Typical educated NDP/Liberal.

Yous gun loving, nuckle dragging, cow hat wearing Conservationists can't red or rite so all's O-Kay dokey.

Anonymous said...

Loving the "Times New Romans" font. Very original.

CanadinKimchi said...

YOO-HOOOO, Elections Canada? Where are you?

Oh, wait. They're Liberals, so they won't do anything unless it to cover their backsides. Rules are only supposed to apply to Conservatives, right?

Candidates who jump the gun should be disqualified from running. Not that I think Elections Canada knows what doing the right thing is about. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

"Elect for Federal Government" Mike Butler.

He make good politician.

He "for Federal Funding the LRT"

Clown Party said...

It does not mean a thing if you are:

Non-Democradic Party
Block-mail Quebec Party

Elections Canada are only looking if it are the Cons. They are gaining the reputation of the Canadian Wheat Board, Human Rights Commission and Constantly Bashing Conservatives.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Dippers already out in Windsor & Essex County.

maryT said...

In one of his rants today Mulcair said to a questioner, you would be better of if you elect Rebecca B on May 2. What does he know that we don't. Did the govt fall and no one told anyone but Mulcair. Did the PM go to the GG and set an election date.
And no one raised a point of order or corrected him.

Jen said...

In contempt of election rules oh wait rules meant for the conservatives liberals not they can break every election rule in the book and Mayrand says nothing.

Ardvark said...

I am sure it doesn't break EC rules but not so sure about city bylaws (which is all that matters pre-writ).

He is aware of the City of Edmonton bylaws on signage is, correct? ( and we ARE pre-writ which has different rules)I don't know if he does but anyone interested could always send him a text message to check.

Anonymous said...

none of the leaders are trustable so who the hell do you vote for. we've seen how much we can trust the liberals a few years ago, NOT and now we've found out how much we can trust harper, Not

mike butler said...

Signs are allowed on private property, it is very legal. I believe in all of the issues that are on my signs and will fight to make these things happen. The problem is that these things are not happening, the Consevatives stopped funding for the Expo so there will be no Mill Woods L.R.T. Please stand up and participate in our democracy as I have. Quit bashing people that want positive change. I have commited my life to making things better for people I hope you can do the same.

I have also decided not to put signs up on public property out of respect to the voters who hate signs all over snow banks so maybe I can earn your repsect in that regard. I am fighting for a positive future for myself and for all of you.

Mike Butler

Ardvark said...

Thanks for that Mike, I figured that no EC rules were broken.

Could you explain to me just how or even why money for Expo was supposed to be funneled into the 'Millwoods LRT' when it has absolutely NOTHING at all to do with Expo or even close to the actual Expo site?

It was a money grab by city council for their pet projects and I for one am glad the slight of hand for wasting our tax dollars was stopped.

Mike Butler said...

I believe that the Mill Woods L.R.T. is vital to Mill Woods and will link residents to the rest of the city making it easier and greener for our community.

The Mill Woods L.R.T. will make it cheaper in the long run for the average person because it will make it possible for developers to build more multi-family living spaces. Zoning will change around proposed L.R.T. routes. This means less cars on the road, less wear and tear on our roads, less roads neaded all together. All of those pot holes that people hate costs the city millions of dollars every year as does paving new roads every year.

The L.R.T. is the way to go for all of Edmonton and surrounding area.

Ardvark said...

Nice of you to avoid my question entirely.

What exactly did the Expo bid have to do with a Millwoods LRT extension?

I agree the LRT is important but again it has nothing to do with the Expo bid other than a way to divert Federal tax dollars into local pet projects under the guise of being Expo related (sounds like a LPC plan in Quebec a few years ago)

BTW Feds have funded the LRT 200 million here

and more recently an additional 25 million here:

Mike Butler said...

Your funny dude. The Expo was going to pay for the L.R.T. to Mill Woods

Ardvark said...

Why? The Expo site is nowhere near Millwoods and the LRT extension. It was a blatant attempt to divert money from Expo into other areas by the City of Edmonton as was the 'urban renewal' of parts of the river valley which also had NOTHING to do with Expo.

It was a con and if I applied for gov't grant and used the money for other things as the city was trying to do I would end up in jail.

BTW I have yet to hear 1 solitary person say they were upset we lost the expo bid. In fact just the opposite, as the few that even mentioned it were happy that the expo white elephant wouldn't be costing us more money.

Ardvark said...

I guess you have not read your party's platform:

"Canada’s cities say a Liberal proposal to scrap a $1-billion infrastructure fund will rob them of one of their few remaining sources of federal cash."

You should have stuck with the NDP.