Sunday, March 27, 2011

Deja Vu as a Liberal again leader rules out a coalition.

Some say history repeats itself and it looks like we are seeing that phenomenon in action in campaign 2011.

Sept 23 2008: Liberal Leader Stephane Dion rules out a coalition.

The day previously: "Mr. Dion had been less direct in his answer yesterday when asked about Mr. Layton's comments. Today, aides said, he came to the media scrum prepared with the answer he gave."

March 26, 2011 Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff rules out a coalition (sort of )

The day previously: "After leading a historic vote that pulled the plug on Harper's second minority government, Ignatieff was asked by journalists six times whether he would rule out forming a coalition government. Six times, he refused to answer." Vancouver Sun.


In 2008: Dion was proven to be a liar as he did enter into a coalition arrangement.

In 2011: Michael Ignatieff....

Is there really any basis to trust Ignatieff or the Liberals on this? Well if history does repeat itself, and so far in this case it has, I don't think we can or should.

It is not like Ignatieff has exactly been Mr.Honesty (Audio: Ignatieff lies to High School students) in the past.

Video: Ignatieff caught in another lie.


Anonymous said...

It is deja vu for the liberal war room too.

Day 1 Liberal leader speaks and puts foot in mouth.

Day 2 Liberal leader speaks lines prepared by Liberal war room to correct the damage from day 1.

Bec said...

Sadly, we actually have to deactivate the mute button to catch all these gaffes that exit "that guys" mouth but we will because they are going to be frequent.

When he said in his rally speech that the PM was CONVICTED of contempt of Parliament, I almost fell off my chair. What an angry, lying weasel and as someone that has observed "that guy" from arrival back to Canada until today, he has morphed into one of them. Seriously angry and condescending.

As far as the Coalition goes, it's alive and well and it's only in the way it'll be served up that they are toying with Canadians. They packed in the previous Parliament and they will pack in the next....

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff and the Liberal party are using weasel words, as everybody has noted, in answering the coalition question. They have taken days to draft this answer, as we all know, to give themselves enough wiggle room in future for Ignatieff, the Liberal Party and other Liberal leaders. In their statement, they also had to satisfy and accommodate Liberals, who are lined up with Bob Rae, Ujjil Dosanjh, Ralph Goodale etc. who are strong proponents and advocates of the coalition - they aren't prepared to torpedo the coalition because they know and the polls tell them, that is the only way for Liberals to regain the seats of power in Canada - they know it, the media knows it , and Canadians know it . What about the work that Chretien, Broadbent, and others, have done in working on a coalition - they aren't prepared to see their work and efforts tossed out the window, by the party releasing a definitive and unambiguous statement without weasel wording.

Jen said...

Just as they ruled out any connection to the adscam or they 'being held in contempt'

" I am a Democrat" said Ignatieff as he caresses his full length body.
Democrat as the leader of the canadian liberal party.

Anonymous said...

Harper is within striking distance of a majority - even the most partisan media types can't honestly deny this. Harper's solution and Canada's solution to a good stable government is a Harper majority.You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see what Iggy's game plan has to be - he has no choice. Ignatieff can NOT form a majority, as polls indicate, and he will require the Bloc's support of 50 plus seats to become Prime Minister. This comes with an extortion attempt of 5 billion dollars from the Canadian taxpayer by Duceppe which failed with Harper, but is sure to succeed with Ignatieff, because that is the only way Iggy can stay in power from day one. Why do you think Duceppe has made Harper enemy number one for the Bloc?