Wednesday, March 09, 2011

MSM finally reports on Ignatieff's absentee record

The Canadian MSM finally got around to reporting on how pathetic the Liberal record is for showing up to work and voting in the House of Commons.

Stories at CTV here: "29 MPs missed more than 50 days of the current session of Parliament, all but nine of them Liberals." "Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was absent 135 times, the top absentee MP"

And at the Globe and Mail here: "Seventeen MPs, most of them Liberals, have missed at least one-quarter of the votes in the House of Commons in the past two years. Three Liberal backbenchers – Jim Karygiannis, Keith Martin and Ruby Dhalla – came close to missing half the more than 300 votes Parliament took between November, 2008, and December, 2010."

Nice of them to notice and catch up to what us bloggers have been writing about for quite some time now.

Back in April 2009 here, March 2010 here, here and here, May 2010 here, Oct 2010 here and of course when I put my partisanship aside to congratulate Ignatieff back in Sept 2010 for finally reaching #1. A day I was looking forward to for some time.

BTW for Bob Fife and anyone else out there trying to explain away Ignatieff's absences with lines such as this one: "For the leaders it's very understandable,"..."The leaders have other duties than just showing up in the House for votes."

The Prime Minister at times HAS to be other places and be doing other things; while Michael Ignatieff chooses to be absent and be doing other things.

Big difference. 

For the record PM Harper has been absent for74 votes, while Michael Ignaiteff has missed nearly double that at 135.


CanadianSense said...

Did you expect CTV to provide an unbiased report about each party or leader and their reasons for missing votes?

I don't expect the MSM to fair or balanced any longer. If they can exploit or attack any party they will. Their favourite whipping boy appears to be Conservatives and the lack of original research and investigative journalism is paying dividends in shrinking viewership.

Will Sun TV provide an adult conversation with news that matters?

Time will tell, but if Adler,Levant, Lilley are any indications than we will an opportunity to push back on the Liberal worldview as the norm.

Anonymous said...

"Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was absent 135 times, the top absentee MP"



R. G. Harvie said...

LOL.. well done my friend.

As I blogged myself today, Michael is "THAT guy" at work everyone hates.. the guy who does nothing but bitch about everyone else, but can't be bothered to show up for work himself.

And they wonder why they wallow in the polls.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Jen said...

MSM finally reports on Ignatieff's absentee record


What about the MSM's own absentee records on reporting the 'real' balanced truths.

At least CC, I get positive media reporting on Canada from the American media.

Canadian msm have fallen to the waste side to be picked up by the dumpster truck to clear the way for a brand new media.
The msm had their chance but blew it.

Attacking the conservatives day and night smells like a conspirarcy between the msm and the liberals ndp and bloc which I call it the 'in and out' scheme.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to Jen's comments. The MSM must change. Bring on Sun TV.

Jen said...

BTW AA, what about the SPEAKER's ruling on Jennings and Holland's violating the CPC sealed boxes and revealing its vontents to the public.

If I did that to someon's sealed box violating and pasting on television, I face a penalty.

Jean Chretien with a majority government prorogued his government to avoid AG investigating into his adscam.

Bob Rae who bankrupt Ontario and ran prorogations at length to an election when he was the NDP premeir of Ontario might and can do so again to CANADA. And not one iota of the media will dare interfer.

Running a minority government: tending to a recession; lowering taxes for canadians; Speaking highly of our nation to all parts of the world and not once belittling our country our military our citizens as the opposition parties did; reducing the Harper's deficit from $56Billion to $30-35Billion, PM STEPHEN HARPER,FLAGERTY and the conservatives do deserve credit for all that work.

Anonymous said...

Between November 2008 and December 2010 Harper missed 46% (142/311) of the votes as opposed to 59% (182/311) for Ignatieff over the same time period. Double you say? Har har.

Layton works harder than either of them, having missed only 3% (11/311).

Ardvark said...

Compare apples to apples anon, why go back to 2008?

40th Parliament 2nd session when Ignatieff first became leader.(Jan 26 2009-Dec 30, 2009)

PMSH = 78
Iffy = 76

40th Parliament 3rd session (Mar 3, 2010 - present)

PMSH = 74
Iffy 135

Totals PMSH = 152
Iffy = 211

As I said, the PM has obligations and HAS to be away at times, Ignatieff chooses to be absent. As for Jack it looks like he, unlike Iffy, chooses to do his job.

Anonymous said...

From the anon that agreed with Jen, not that other annoying anon... Paul Martin lead the house in missed votes during the Dion (lack of)leadership times. It appears to be the liberal way. Entitlement without action.

Jen said...

PM STEPHEN HARPER and conservatives without a single media to their name manage to do alone the UNTHINKABLE-They took canada through the recession while reducing taxes, PM went overseas to nations facing serious dilemma of their own financially to instill on them what canada has in the BANKING SYSTEM
with so much pride he has for his country and citizens who helped built this nation, not a single word of negative out of his mouthwas uttered.

Foreign nations gave the PM and FLAGERTY A STANDING OVATION for the job well done he has done for his country and respect him which today has our country rated the best in the world.
Canadians stood with the PM while he battled to get our country through the recession.
Not an iota of a word of his(PM) accomplishments was 'EVER' heard on television.
The PM the conservatives and canadians do deserve a good media.

bertie said...

For god,s sake, Jack has nowhere to go.He has nothing to do other than be in the house.What is the big deal about him being where he is supposed to be.Iggy on the other hand should have had his pay stopped for abandoning his job.He had no reason whatsoever.PM Harper could have been missing 100% and it would have been OK,because that is the nature of his job.He meets with world leaders and is out of the country quite often when votes are taken in the house.The fact he was present for 60% of the votes is amazing.