Friday, March 25, 2011

A message to conservatives all across Canada.


Because the big blue machine is about to roll and a majority is in sight, BUT ONLY with your help.

Get out and support your local candidate in any way you can. Elections really are won on the ground and there are numerous ways for everyone to be able to contribute, even if it is for a few hours.

Get a sign. Volunteer to put up signs, drop lit, answer phones, door-knock, etc. There are literally hundreds of ways for you to help out your local CPC candidate get elected and they need your help.

Counter the oppositions smear and lies with the facts on the Harper government record and let everyone know why you are voting conservative and why they must get out and do the same on election day.

Doing nothing is not an option, unless you want a return to a minority government and the daily opposition games that have hampered Ottawa for nearly 6 years, and that does no one any good.

Get active now!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being positive AA. There seems to be a few bloggers around here who seem to think they have to hold their nose to vote for the CPC. Do they want Iggy and the gang to form the next government? Do they think their words are helpful to the cause? Mom always said that if you couldn't say anything good, then say nothing at all!

Ardvark said...

I figured a little humour might be a good way to start off but my underlying message rings true.

We all are needed to put and end to the games in Ottawa and elect a majority conservative government.

It is indeed time to put aside the petty squabbles and get to work.

Bryan said...

To all those reading this in the Ottawa area I urge all of you to grab a sign or volunteer for Damain Konstantinakos. A strong Tory for Ottawa Centre who's energy and passion will impress even the harshest critics. The Liberals and the NDP think its a two way race, in our nation's capital. Let's prove them wrong email to find out how you can help. We are just 10 ridings away from majority. Come prove the critics wrong make Ottawa Centre Blue again

Lorna said...

Find me some real small-c conservative politicians and I'll go to the ends of the earth for them. This crop in there now (including the Prime Minister) are conservative in name only.

As it stands, I'll be hiding until after election day until this unnecessary waste of money called an election is over.

Anonymous said...

Find some real small-c conservative politicians who have the guts to stand up and say more than the usual platitudes of how this country is doing so well and I will stump for then till my feet bleed. Until that happens (or hell freezes over-a greater reality)this crop of conservative wanna-be's (the PM included) will never, ever get my vote......

Anonymous said...

Another Conservetive minority won't last a week. The coalalition of losers will vote them down on the throne speech. Its a Conservetive majority or a coalalition government that will have to awnser to Gilles Ducepe.

tori said...

already sent my CPC riding candidate an offer to volunteer :)

Ardvark said...

No matter what your beef with the CPC and the government it has lead in a minority situation, I can't possibly see how sitting it out would do anything to get Canada the type of government that you want.

Sit it out and we are back where we were for the last 5 yrs in a volatile minority situation with a daily fight just to get watered down policy passed, and costing us a fortune. Is that what you really want to see for yourself and Canada?

You know what is at stake and you also know that it is going take ALL of us on the right to gain a majority and an opportunity to really get some policy through.

Is sitting it out really worth the risk of seeing a left(call it a coalition if you'd like) government over a majority conservative gov't? I think anyone truly on the right knows the answer to that question.

Game on, and this time we play to win.

Jeff said...

You know AA, when we go door to door we don't try to engage committed Liberal or NDP voters because they've already decided. I put purist conservatives who choose to sit it out into the same category. You're useless to the cause. Come on you guys, put your shoulders to the wheel and help us.