Saturday, March 26, 2011

Edmonton-Sherwood Park: James Ford holds a grudge?

James Ford confirmed Friday he plans to run as an independent in Edmonton-Sherwood Park.

It seems that Ford is still angry that Tim Uppal won the CPC nomination back in 2008, a nomination that Ford himself WAS NOT RUNNING IN, and after 3 years he is still finding it hard to bury the hatchet.

At least that is the 'official' story, but I think the other reasons may be found in some of Ford's remarks:

“He’s not from the riding,” Ford said Friday. “He doesn’t belong.”

 But than again I might be totally wrong about the possible reasons for running again. After all Ford did at one time want Uppal to be investigated for winning the nomination fair and square showing that he does not quite understand laws or how nominations work.  BTW here is what Jacquie Fenske, the person Uppal defeated in the nomination race in 2008, had to say about Tim's win

Personally I think the CPC, the people of Edmonton-Sherwood Park and the people of Canada are immensely better off having a proven MP like Tim Uppal  in Ottawa than having someone like James Ford there. I hope the voters of Edmonton Sherwood-Park agree


Brett said...

All these malcontents are suddenly surfacing makes me wonder if these people are being paid by someone to create the impression of discord within the party. Things that make you go hmmmm.

maryT said...

As the only NDPer from AB, if re-elected, would that give Linda Duncan a cabinet seat in the coalition. Worked for Anne Mc.

maryT said...

Anyone attend the Layton love in today in Edmonton. Some that saw him says he look not too well.

Ardvark said...

I heard the same thing as well from different source. All politics aside I honestly hope Jack is doing OK.

griff said...

He does look so much weaker and has lost some weight. Wishing him a steady recovery from his surgery and complete recovery from the cancer.