Thursday, March 10, 2011

Susan Delacourt: Classless on International Women's Day

Toronto Star 'journalist' Susan Delacourt being classless on International Women's Day by telling us all what really goes on in her head in regards to what Minister Rona Ambrose wears.

For the record, Minister Ambrose was wearing a "Walk in her shoes" shirt from the Care Canada campaign of the same name in support of women while Delacourt was busy bashing her, and I am guessing the other woman who sits beside Minister Ambrose, Minister Bev Oda. (< seating plan PDF file)

You picked a great day to be classless to other women Susan, but some might say that you are classless everyday.


Alberta Girl said...

Well if Susan were standing beside Rona - I could get on board with that saying!!!

How is it that these pseudo elites continually call out Conservatives for classless behavour and yet they are the ones that continually display it.

With regards to Susan - yep the saying fits!

Bec said...

Thanks for this. I was wondering what was on her shirt and now knowing, yes, Susan Delacourt has made herself out to be, a female neanderthal. I sure there is a girls, high school washroom that is missing her.

Childish cattiness, very childish and extremely catty.

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw Delacourt on CTV she had her long "blonde" hair, black and white shirt and pink rubber boots. She looked like an American Graffiti nightmare. I still get night sweats.

Anonymous said...

Susan Delacourt...definition of an ugly little troll.

maryT said...

Anyone seen those liberal t-shirts worn by anyone. Maybe they only bought one to be shown on Evan's show, or maybe the fact it was outed they were made in a foreign country, denying jobs to Canadians made them ashamed to wear them. lol
And to top it off they had to copy one of our ads with a couple of changes in the words.

wilson said...

That's the Liberal elite attitude that they just can't control.

It worked so well for the Toronto Star when attacking Rob Ford, eh.

CanadianSense said...

Perhaps Susan does not like how attractive or successful Rona has become as a role model?

Is her envy because her face is suited for radio?

Anonymous said...

If Susan's mouth was her fortune, she would get a tax rebate,

and the last time I saw a face like Delacourt, it had a hook in its mouth.
The Liberal FREE smear attack ad, compliments of a classless typical Liberal from the Red Star.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the "I'm with Stupid" T-shirt Don Burrough"s favourite?