Thursday, March 31, 2011

When the real Liberal starts to show..... watch your wallets and your rights.

More reasons why Canada needs a CPC majority.

The latest from Michael Ignatieff has him wanting to not only regulate the western oils sands, but YOUR diet as well. (screenshots @ bottom of page) You knew it was just a matter of time before Ignatieff got his true Liberal on in public. It is impossible for any of them to go any serious length of time without telling all Canadians what is 'best' for us and then regulate how we act. 

Liberals; you don't know how to run my life better than me and just the fact that you actually think that you do makes the effort that I put into this blog informing Canadians and exposing your spin, just all that much more worth while.  If I want to put pepper on my plate, that is up to me and not some over bloated nanny state created bureaucracy, and I don't want the government (of ANY political stripe) in my kitchen regulating and controlling how or what I can eat.

Now as for Ignatieff's comments on the oil sands...

Aside from the fact that Ignatieff is again treading into provincial responsibility as does his childcare and RESP changes,  it would seem that the great uniter looks to be doing just the opposite by dividing us into regions and pushing the tired old west vs east shtick. Not that it is unexpected from any Liberal leader desperate to hold what he has for seats in the Toronto area, but having it happen so early in the campaign is a bit of a surprise.   Divide and conquer is usually a week 3 trick in the Liberal playbook.

Screenshots of above twitter links:


hunter said...

Ardvark, your two twitter links give me a "page doesn't exist". It could be because I'm not logged into twitter, but a bet a lot of people are like me too. Can you post a screen shot? Thanks Hunter

Bec said...

He's got nothing at all but the old Liberal Red-book retooled, what he can dust off from Obama's hopey changey and likely a few brain fa#ts spouted off from his MP's.
This is one, out of his league dude that is pulling the Shakespeare of his life, pure verbal theatre.

He would destroy this country and then cut and run.

Roy Elsworth said...

wow we have to make sure we get this out into the left wing media this is big man. this is probably why pm harper was holding off on stuff iggy gonna hang himself. this is huge

hunter said...

Thanks, your post makes sense now! I guess Jack and Iggy have written off the west to try to win the east.

The only party not trying to divide the country is the Conservative party.

Ardvark said...

The electoral map of Canada is pretty blue from coast to coast to coast and the CPC represent in all regions of Canada and not just Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver as the Liberals do.

Anonymous said...

In the poll today the Liberals appeared to be gaining in Alberta.I hope that stops!
I clicked over to cpac and watched Ignatief spew lie after lie about the Prime Minister.How can he get away with it, people actually believe him!! It made me sick to my stomach!

wilson said...

Anon, people don't believe Iffy.
Check out Nanos daily leadership index,
Iffy speaks and PMSHs numbers go up!

March 29 to 30
Harper …… 105.3 +15.8
Iffy ……..46.2 -0.5
Layton ……39.8 -3.8

wilson said...

The ONLY way to stop the coalition of losers from devastating the oil sands economy in Alberta and Saskatchewan, is to elect a Harper majority.

Anonymous said...

Iggy sucks. Harper wants to spend my money to guarantee Nfld hydro crap. Screw that Harper sucks too.

I was wavering whether to vote Liberal, Libertarian, or not at all. With the advice from Publius and more importantly to spite partisan idiots like the people here, I think I will vote Liberal. Your tears will be delicious when you fail to majority.

Ardvark said...

No real conservative would vote Liberal. Nice try troll.

Jen said...

wilson said...
The ONLY way to stop the coalition of losers from devastating the oil sands economy in Alberta and Saskatchewan, is to elect a Harper majority.

OR Separate

Jen said...

If the liberals the coalition wins, and they will decide who what where gets what.
Moratorium, kyoto, mandatory census, stopping oil sands both in Alta and Sask, protectionism, Free Trade etc.
They plan to raise taxes on levels of businesses scaring off the country leaving canada without jobs and lost of jobs. It would be bad.
They all endorse criminals as friends, they hate our troops and would do without them.
They support: Hamas(libby Davies)Coalition partner; Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhod (Ignatieff) and many others.
Oh yeah, I can see the coalition run canada by themselves-not a chance.

maryT said...

Considering the Counts wife has stated that she selects his menu in restaurants, picks out his clothes, do we really want her to tell us what is good for us to eat.
Does he really think we are so stupid we can't make out own decisions. Those with health problems usually see a dietican and follow their recommendations. OT but is he prepared to be referred to as That guy, should he become PM. Didn't he order his staff to address him as Mr. Ignatieff. He has no respect for the Office of the PM, and does not deserve to be there. He has proved he is a democrat by acting like their logo.

Liz J said...

The only way we can stop a coalition of losers from taking over the country is to elect a Conservative majority.
We only get one chance to save us from Ignatieff and his handlers and his partners who are more interested in power than what happens to the country.