Friday, December 15, 2006

So called........

The Lib bloggers are looking a bit euphoric because PM Harper used the words "so called greenhouse gases" in his press conference earlier today. From reading the blogs over there you would think that they have finally hit the jackpot and now the Canadian public will surely see that that this out of context quote somehow reveals the evil right wing, neo-con agenda.

Like hyenas on fresh kill, they are continuing to play the only card the Liberals have and that is to portray the conservatives as the spawn of Satan in order to divide and scare Canadians And in typical liberal fashion they are playing fast and loose with the facts.

Forget for a moment that the quote was very selectively taken from a much longer answer to a reporters question, but it is that the lib bloggers are inferring that the words "so called'' are in a negative context and somehow reveal PM Harper's deep thoughts and bias that make this nit picking and a stretch to say the least. When taken in context it is clear that this is not what the PM implied, but with the concern of the lib bloggers over this, it begs the question.

If using the term "so called" by the PM is supposed to somehow reveal a bias or his deep thoughts; would you not consider that the continuing use of the term "so called war on terror" by CBC news is also showing a bias or unsolicited editorial comment as well? Tomorrow can I expect liberal bloggers from all over Canada to call on the CBC to stop this blatant display of bias as the words "so called" must ,by themselves, show the bias of those that spoke them?

I didn't think so.

More free advice to my liberal friends. File the scare tactics in the waste basket as it not only makes you look weak and frightened, but it is the same losing tactic that you tried last election and it will net you the same result.


Kelly Melanson said...

It was interesting last night to see Mansbridges's reaction to Andrew Coyne on last night's At Issue Panel when AC brought up the fact that the Clean Air Act 2050 targets were the same as the targets of all the Liberal Party leadership candidates and the British Government among others. It wasabout time someone in the MSM start clarifying where the Government's plan sits in relation to other governments and the Liberals, who quite frankly should be embarassed about their record on the environment over the past 13 years and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Our planet is dying and HArper should get his head out of the sand, It seems the only way to get HArper to act is if there is a political opportunity otherwise he does nothing.

Anonymous said...

"So called" is used all the time by the Media, it means for the most part "commonly used term".

It can have a negative meaning "A deciteful friend being called a "so called" friend", but it depends on the context it's used.

Referring to CO2 as "so called greenhouse gases" is the commonly used term.

Ardvark said...

10 months vs 13 years. The records speak for themselves.


The Ice age is coming said...

if planet earth was in fact a greenhouse, i.e. an enclosed structure, then using the term GHG would be appropriate.

However the labeling of Earth as a greenhouse is a simply a public relations metaphor to simplify, however inaccurately, a complex system so that the Enviros can scare the crap outta people to help them fund raise and achieve political goals.

It has been a very successful campaign but the challenge now is to morph from "global warming" to "climate change" without being tripped up on their own giant lie.

Darren McEwen said...

We don't have to "play the fear card" during the next election. We need only need to highlight all the cards Harper played poorly in his first year in office.

Rona Ambrose is his Queen of Hearts in that deck.

Ardvark said...

You have seen the Auditor General report on the Liberal climate change programs haven't you? Good read, I recommend it.