Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Premier Stelmach

Congratulations Mr. Stelmach on your well deserved victory Saturday night. You were not the first choice on my ballot, but my second place vote was counted in your favour and you have my support.

I would have loved to have seen Jim Dinning's face the moment he realized that Ted Morton was the candidate that was going to be knocked off the ballot. There was no way in the world that JD was going to pick up more second place votes than Stelmach had from Morton's supporters, and he knew it. Priceless.

Looking at the numbers: Of the 41243 first place votes Morton received, 3o307 had made a second place choice. Dinning was the second choice of only 4227 of those voters, while Stelmach received 25813 votes or about 85% of the total.

So much for all this split party nonsense I keep hearing about.


Steve said...

sometimes i wonder where all the Dinning and Stelmach supporters are. i tend to see Morton supporters (myself being one of them) on the blogosphere but he still came in third place.

Anonymous said...

Many Morton supporters were like bullies.

Ardvark said...

I think a lot of those Dinning supporters were only temporary PC members so I wouldn't expect to hear much from them anyway. Locally I have run into many Stelmach supporters who are quite vocal, but you are correct that there are few of them who are online.

Anon, would you care to expand on the bully comment? From the 2 polling locations I visited* here in Edmonton, the only visible supporters I noticed were for JD.

* FYI and to avoid confusion, I only voted once but just happened to be at an event that was taking place at another poll.