Monday, December 11, 2006

Liberals after Jack?

Some speculation in liberal land about where Bob Rae should run for a seat in the next election, and Jack Layton's riding of Toronto-Danforth has been mentioned as a possibility.

I know that the Liberals are still trying to blame Jack for the defeat of Paul Martin's government, while totally ignoring the millions of Canadians who did the actual voting, but isn't targeting a leader considered a no no in political circles?

If they do decide to not target Jack, Bob Rae could always go just across the inner harbour and try his luck here?


Cranky or Just a Crank said...

You really don't think that Bob Rae is going to run, do you?

Unless the election comes in the next two months and they are guilted into it, Bob and Iggy are just memories.

They had their chance and regardless of Dion winning or losing, they have no chance of picking up the leadership next time around - if the convention showed anything, it is that the next leader of the Liberals is named Trudeau.

robedger said...

I think you're right that generally speaking, targetting a leader is considered to be a bit of a no no.

At the same time, Layton is running in a riding in which he could be brought down. All the other party leaders are running in safe ridings.

George the Reformer said...

All's fair in politics and war.

Steve said...

I'm just hoping neither Rae or Kennedy run in my riding of Parkdale-High Park. It has been hard enough finding a Conservative candidate. Both Rae and Kennedy have natural affiliations with the riding - Kennedy was MLA until he resigned to run for the Liberal leadership and Rae apparently lives in the riding. I hope they both try elsewhere.