Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Highjacked by the left

As I was reading reaction to the recent firing of Canadian Wheat Board president Adrian Measner and the debate about the CWB (Dion's reaction here, and some other 'so called liberal' opinions can be found here, here, here, and here), and I have come to the conclusion the the Liberal Party of Canada is no more. Yes, there is some entity out there masquerading as the Liberal Party, and we all just watched that nice little show from Quebec where they elected a new leader, but it is not the same Liberal Party that Canadians once knew as it has been hijacked by the far left from right under the noses of true liberals.

How can anyone that likes to refer to themselves as a liberal be supportive of this abomination called the CWB and claim to believe in fairness, freedoms or anything else that is written in the charter of rights? I can understand this type of reaction from the NDP as the personal freedoms which they like to tout must inevitably be tossed aside in order to reach the socialist utopia that they dream of, but coming from the Liberals it becomes more proof that they have veered way to far to the left of center.

To deny a grower of a certain crop (wheat) within a certain geographic boundary (west of Ontario) the right to sell his product to whomever they see fit is just about the most un-liberal thing I can think of and not something that any liberal can honestly defend. Spin away, but don't do it while looking into a mirror as lying to yourself is not a healthy thing to do.

It is getting harder and harder to tell the Liberals apart from the NDP, and it is even harder now that the great 'renewal' has taken place.

The left has not only become fully entrenched in the party, but it looks like they have taken over and are setting the direction the Liberals, who could once claim to be a centrist party, are now heading. Bob Rae is writing policy, and if not for some sly dealing between Dion and Kennedy at the convention, Rae could have easily been elected the leader of the party over the much more centrist candidate Ignatieff. Think about that for a minute, Bob Rae is going to be setting the direction of the Liberal party in the future, Bob Rae!!

Jack Layton should indeed be worried as the Liberals are going hard to woo his base, and so to should all those Canadians out there who still think of the LPC is a centrist party.

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Loki said...

Liberals were high-jacked by the socialists in 1968.
Everything they have done since then has been towards a socialist utopia(read everyone is equelly poor).
The NDP are a freak of politics, commies who support every weirdo out there.