Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rebranding the B team

Only Dion and the Liberals could call a group, that the media was referring to as The B team just a short time ago, as the dream team.


Anonymous said...

And only a Liberal leader would try to reuse the phrase "dream team" in a positive way, when it was originally coined as the team of lawyers (led by US defense attorney Johnnie Cochran) who got O.J. Simpson acquitted of murder charges, one of the most unjust outcomes in recent US criminal judicial history.

What noble cause will the Liberal "dream team" pursue? Re-writing the history of Adscam and their dismal environmental record?

Devin said...


The OJ Simpson trial was heard by a jury. If you understood even the remotest thing about the justice system you would know how utterly ridiculous it is to suggest that the defence lawyers should be viewed in a negative light based on the acquittal. The lawyers who represented Simpson were, in fact, a dream team in the sense that they were some of the best at what they did -- much like the people Stephane Dion has placed in his inner circle.

In any event, the term "dream team" was not "originally coined" in reference to the Simpson/Goldberg murders as you say. The 1992 USA mens Olympic basketball team was called the "dream team" -- two years before the murders and three years before the verdict was delivered. Dream team is also a nickname that has been used to refer to the AC Milan and FC Barcelona soccer teams since the mid-1980s.

So, the only person re-writing history here appears to be you.

Ardvark said...

Calling these 2nd stringers a dream team is a stretch even for hardcore Liberal supporters.

John Manley, Frank McKenna, and Brian Tobin would have mopped the floor with any of these guys if they would have ran for the leadership. They chose not to run, and time will prove that they made the right decision.