Friday, December 08, 2006

More on the Nazi thing and the MSM

There has been some concern among conservative bloggers about the lack of MSM coverage of Bill Grahams comparison of the new government to Nazis (currently less than 10 stories found) versus that of the infamous dog story.(over 400,000 hits)

The answer to this concern can be found in the facts of the 2 different events, and we know the media is all about the facts. So listen up my conservative friends while I try to explain the differences that justify the difference in coverage by the MSM.

In one of these we have clear video evidence of not only who said the slur, but also exactly what was spoken. While in the other instance we have no video of the speaker of said slur, but do have an enhanced audio tape with added sub titles to help you make out what was said in this top quality audio recording. Surly anyone who heard the tape could hear this.

In Hansard, the official record of the House of Commons, we get a nice concise word for word record of one event, while the other event is not recorded at all, almost as if it never took place.

The two comments themselves are also very much different both in spirit and meaning. In the one, anyone sane could figure out that 'you already have her' not only implies a dog, as well as who it was aimed at, but also the pure viciousness and women hate of he who spoke those vile words.

While in the other instance it is not so clear as to what was really implied. First off, the word Nazi was not spoken, so I have no idea where that came from. Also saying that the conservatives "were reading from a textbook" cannot possibly be considered a slur, but instead should be considered a compliment because we all know that reading is good. And lastly how could anyone possibly confuse this Gobels guy with a Nazi?

So my conservative friends, let me sum up by saying this; the MSM is all about the facts, and in this case the facts speak for themselves.


Neo Conservative said...

More to the point...

Are Conservatives just like Nazis, or are they shameless defenders of Zionist War Crimes?

Anonymous said...


Are liberals greedy, selfish opportunists or mentally retarded psychopaths?

Ardvark said...

Hmm tough choice, but since we are painting everyone with the same brush Ill go with greedy for 1000 Alex.