Friday, December 08, 2006

Liberal Comedy Classics or the N word?

Not that N word; Nazi.

Today the laugh a minute former temporary leader of the LPC, Bill Graham, compared the Conservative Government to Nazis, stating "The government members in this House behave as if they were reading from a textbook written by Mr. Goebbels when he was preparing for power in Germany," "It's disgraceful. . . It's dishonourable. . ."

This guy has a career in comedy locked up when the voters of his riding decide to send him packing. Just yesterday I wrote about another joke that Graham made in a speech at the LPC leadership convention last Friday; where rumour has it he was given a nice torch light parade by some of the delegates. This Graham guy is hilarious. If he would just mess up his hair a bit more he could be Canada's answer to Kramer or maybe he is just a Dick.

When you think comedy, Think Liberal!!


Bill gets some support.


Ontario Lad said...

Look how long the MSM played up the story of one Tory MP allegedly referring to a Liberal MP as a dog. Do you think this will even come close to getting the same coverage? Uh, yeah right.

Now imagine, for one second, the Liberal's outrage and sputtering if a Tory MP likewise dared to call the Liberals Communists on The House floor. I can just see it now.

The Tories should challenge Graham to repeat his statements outside the HOC. Let us see how brave he is to throw around the Nazi reference then.

The Liberals never change. They can talk about their "renewal" all they want, but they are still arrogant as ever. The Party of tolerance? Give me a bloody break.

Ardvark said...

That renewal thing went out the window when Stephen Harper made the Quebecois Nation motion.( BTW your welcome Liberals. see the PM works for you as well)

Once that mess was over, and a great sigh of relief went over Liberal land, they never did want to discuss or change much serious policy at the convention.