Monday, April 16, 2007

The NDP choose their Candidate for Central Nova

From the CBC Louise Lorefice of Antigonish will represent the NDP in the Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova, where the Liberals recently agreed not to run a candidate.

Now because the situation is so "urgent" and "there is no time to waste" and because Elizabeth May is so committed to non partisanship; will she announce she is stepping aside so the new NDP candidate, whose party finished second in the last election, can defeat Peter Mackay?

I didn't think so.


This is interesting if it is true. It looks like the NDP constitution does not allow Jack Layton to pull a May/Dion type deal even if he wanted to.

What does the Liberal Party constitution say about the same deal? According to Warren Kinsella, Dion is breaking the rules. Hopefully links to follow.

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