Friday, April 27, 2007

Martha Hall Findlay: Smacked down on Duffy

Yesterday Martha Hall Findlay got smacked down again on CTV Newsnets Mike Duffy Live (Video link at the bottom of this posting), but this time it wasn't from conservative John Reynolds.

This time it was NDP strategist Joy Macphail who knocked Martha around like the political lightweight she is after MHF tried using the very tired old Liberal line that the environment problem (and basically every other problem as well) would have already been fixed if Jack Layton wouldn't have pulled the plug on the Paul Martin government. Yes folks, she is taking lessons from Scott Reid, who regularly makes a fool of himself on the Duffy show with among other things, his blame Jack Layton for the election crap.

To paraphrase:

Macphail: It wasn't Jack Layton who pulled the plug on the election; Paul Martin himself stated he would call an election in February 2006. So are you suggesting to me that the Liberals would have resolved the climate change issues, and meet Kyoto targets in the additional 30 days before Paul Martin would have scheduled it? Stop spinning on such a serious issue.

Martha totally ignores the facts about Martin calling an election for Feb 06 and stumbles out something about how the Liberals could have been kept alive if the NDP had supported them.

Macphail: "Paul Martin called the election for February 06. Did you forget that? Is he so dishonoured in your own party now, that you forget what Paul Martin did?"

Martha tries to speak but FLINCHES (watch for it) as Macphail adds : "What, has he been wiped off the face of the earth from the annals of Liberal history now?

MHF again avoids the facts and calls for action on the environment now.

The segment goes onto the Afghan prisoner story and again MHF totally avoids answering the question, this time from Duffy, and goes into preprogrammed spin about honesty.

A true Liberal and part of the Dion dream team in action; avoid the facts, do not answer questions, change the subject, but most of all just keep spinning.

Watch it here, you will be glad you did.



Joanne (True Blue) said...

I saw that yesterday. It was a beautiful thing. Martha was left stammering and red-faced. Go Joy!

JimBobby said...

I seen it, too. Good tag-team action from the Cons an' Dips. What a team!